Mya Nichole getting her ass spiked

October 10th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Mya Nichole giving a blowjob

With her incredible looks and tattoos, Mya Nichole may not look like a star athlete but in school she led her volleyball team to the state championships. Now, she’s looking to get back into volleyball, but this time it’s going to be beach volleyball. She asked me to help her train to get her ready for a two on two tournament that’s coming up. She was a little rusty, but it wasn’t long before she was spike the ball like a pro.

However, that was just the beginning of the workout. Check out these photos and see Mya Nichole getting her ass spiked. It seems that this nympho was horny as ever. She was craving my cock and needed it right then and there. We’re at some public park but that didn’t stop her from getting on her knees and giving me a blowjob. There was no turning back now. I pounded her pussy and give her ass a spike like she’s never had before. It was one workout that neither of us will forget.

Download Mya Nichole’s workout video at The Real Workout.

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