Naked teen model Bailey has a spikey surprise

November 30th, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Naked teen model Bailey
Naked teen model Bailey has a spikey dildo
When I hear the name Bailey, there are two things that come to mind. That wonderful cream liquor that goes great with coffee, and teen model Bailey’s ass. Ok ok, so it’s only Bailey’s ass that comes to mind, and what a sweet ass it is. The perfect balance of round and juicy, but toned and tight, there is nothing hotter than watching Bailey pull on her G-String so it slowly slides between her ass cheeks.

But the show doesnt end there…Bailey knows what we need to see next and grabs two big handfulls of her ass and pulls her cheeks apart to reveal that clean asshole and shaved pussy. It’s then that she pulls out one of the strangest toys I have ever seen. Resembling a cross between a cucumber and a porcupine, this odd green and yellow spikey dildo looked like it would hurt more than pleasure. But with the amount of time Bailey spent with it, I’m pretty convinced it didn’t hurt 😉

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