Naughty teen lesbians Stella and Sasha

January 5th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Naughty teen lesbians Stella and Sasha
In my opinion, this lesbian sex video with Sasha and Stella, has to be one of the top video on Not only are these two super hot and super cute, but they are extremely naughty. Put them togtether and it could only mean good things. And in this case it meant GREAT things. Stella is relaxing on the sofa, doing some sewing, when Sasha comes to the door with a gift. Little did she know that inside her little present were two empty olive jars and Stella had plans for both.

Immediately these two engage in a deep make-out and touching session and you could see that they were really enjoying each other. Eating each others pussies, even doggystyle, so that not only do you get to watch their perfect asses, but seeing their noses burried in each others tight little assholes while they eat each other out, was a dream come true. Now it’s on to the olive jars, and if you know olive jars, they are not thin by any means. Taking turns pounding each other deep and hard, you see the jars get all steamed up from the heat of their pussies. Extremely hot!!!

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