Nikki Sex Needs A Private Workout

August 29th, 2009 | by Red Hot |

The Real Workout

It was Sunday and the gym was closed for the day, but I had to stop by because I left something on my desk there. While I was inside there was this thick hottie knocking on the door, asking if we were open. I had places to go but once I got a look at her ass, I was going to make an exception for her. Since, it was just the two of us there and the front door was locked, it wasn’t long before things got interesting. She was rubbing her ass all up against my cock.

She told me that her man wasn’t getting the job done at home and invited me to come back to her place to give her a real workout. Check out these pics from our hardcore workout. She didn’t waste anytime taking off her clothes and inviting me to come fuck her tender pussy. I gave her pussy a real workout and her face a special protein shake too!

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