Nikki: Two Innocent Blue Eyes and One Massive Brown Eye

October 5th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Cute blonde bikini girl show her tits

If the sparkling, beautiful, and innocent look makes your cock throb, then Nikki is going to have you beating your meat for hours! She has got to be one of the sexiest hotties to come to my beach house for a photo shoot yet. She was excited about being on the website, but she didn’t finger anyone on the beach to notice her in the rainbow striped mini micro thong bikini she had picked out to wear. Instead of getting sand stuck deep up in her crotch thong she wanted to play in the warm water of the hot tub. I told her that some of our most magnificent pictures are the ones of swollen shaved meat flaps’s with little grains of sand sprinkled across them. Instead of agreeing to dream box to the beach as I thought she would, she poked out her full rear lips and batted those large sexy eyes at me in a prick pounding pout. When I didn’t respond she bent over the hot tub and spread her rump cheeks to the max, revealing massive buttspokes. I grabbed my camera and she got her way… we stayed at the hot tub.

Nikki is a natural blond, with tiny little titties and eraser hard nipples, a round ass made for squeezing, and more pink roast beef then her thong could contain. I mean, she has pussy wrinkles, folds, and lips hanging out in every shot! She had me wishing that I was one of the water jets in the hot tub because she was rubbing, spreading, grinding, and crawling all over it like an addict jonesin for a fix. The hot water made her whole body a rosy pink color. Her round backside looked mainly slick and shiny as she stood in the middle of the hot tub, bent over, spreading her backside cheeks wide apart unveiling her thong licked, rear spoke extravaganza!

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