Once isn’t enough!

Once isn’t enough!

Once isn't enough!

Lucy, 50, is an office manager from Savannah, Georgia. She describes herself as "more of a MILF than a cougar," and talks about her sexperiences at swingers’ parties before using her fingers in her juicy, mature cunt to get herself off…and off…and off…etc. She’s hot and she’ll get you hot, too, we’re sure of that!

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Pete Gets Drilled

The Cross Dressers

Pete and his wife had been having issues lately, he didn’t know what started it all but he did know that he was no longer attracted to her. Eventually they drifted so far apart that they ended up splitting up and Pete got an apartment of his own. Things had changed so much since he last dated that Pete just didn’t have the energy anymore, he didn’t know where to start again and so he resolved to go at it alone for a while…until he saw some prostitutes on the corner of the street one night.

Pete had never fucked a prostitute before but he liked the idea of no strings attached so he drove down to the corner one night to pick out a beauty to fuck. He drove past a few but when he saw Lola he knew that she was the one. He also knew that she was a man dressed as a woman but he couldn’t help himself from picking her out. They didn’t waste anytime either, as soon as they got back to Pete’s place he had his ramrod buried deep in Lola’s tight ass and she was begging for more!

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Tatiana Stone And Her Big Black Dildo

Tatiana Stone

This weekend, I had a really interesting interview with this busty blonde teen named Tatiana Stone. This chick is a complete slut. She’s the kind of girl that needs sex all of the time and if she can’t get a hard cock to satisfy her, she’s going to turn to her huge collection of sex toys. I wish there were more chicks like her! Anyways, check out these really hot pictures from her interview.

As soon as I had the cameras setup, she was ready to start stripping out of her clothes. It wasn’t long before she was wearing just her bra and panties. Soon she was naked, showing off her huge tits and killer ass. But it got even better when she took out this huge black dildo out of her purse. It looked like a black cock and soon she was pushing it deep inside of her wet pussy. It stretched her pussy out to the limits and really made her moan.

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Huge cocks fill little pussies

Student threesome
I doubt you can anywhere find more stormy fuck sessions than at our student sex parties! This time charming blonde is playing alone with two mighty members when suddenly another blonde joins their threesome! Get the hardest double fuck with harlot coeds screaming when huge cocks fill their juicy pussies!

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A Bush Baby going bald?

A Bush Baby going bald?

A Bush Baby going bald?

"I go through cycles when it comes to sex, and it has nothing to do with my periods," said Khyla. "I can go for two or three months and not be interested in shagging a bloke or even in diddling myself. Then I get all hot and bothered and I’m diddling every night and getting laid as often as I can. That might last for two or three weeks or a couple of months. Weird isn’t it? That’s why a FWB works out better than a boyfriend who would expect regular shagging. I like all positions for sex, but my favorite way to cum is getting it hard from behind till I cum, then having the guy finish up in my bum." Khyla may make some of you bush lovers cry, but other guys will like what they see. That’s the way it goes. Khyla is 5’7", weighs 136 pounds, wears 36C bras and prefers thongs. She is in training in an advertising agency. "By the time you blokes get to see me in the mag, my bush will have grown back," she said. "I shaved especially for the photos–I have no intention of remaining hairless. The bloke who took the photos–he’s a friend with benefits and not my boyfriend–went down on me once we were done. He’s got a bloody awesome tongue–one of the reasons I go to bed with him–and if my pubes had interfered with his licking skills before, I would have noticed the difference. But I didn’t. He still gave me a toe-curling orgasm. Shagging felt the same, too."

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Katie Jordan And Her Purple Dildo

Horny brunette amateur Katie Jordan playing with her dildo

Today, I want to introduce you to Katie Jordan, a cute, but very horny brunette amateur. Check out these photos of Katie having some fun. She’s the type of girl that needs to get off every day. She needs to be satisfied in one way or another, whether it’s with one of her sex toys or by a rock hard cock. Last night, it was with her favorite purple dildo. It’s a very long purple glass dildo, with all sorts of waves on it that made her moan and squirm.

She wasn’t shy at all about stripping out of her clothes and showing off her soft body to the camera. She looked so delicious! Then she she took out her purple dildo. She sucked on it like it was my cock and it drove me wild. Then she opened up her legs and took it deep inside of her tight pussy. You should’ve heard the way she moaned as each inch slid in and out of her cunt.

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College bimbo gets semen on her face

College bimbo in sexy stockings spreads her legs and rubs pussy with her fingers! Wow! She doesn’t mind huge piston sliding in her sexy mouth and crazily deepthroats it driving guy crazy about that burning body! She bends over in doggy having pussy hole diddled from behind and soon gets semen on her face! Watch this gallery now!

Teen gets a cock and dildo in her ass

Teen gets a cock and dildo in her ass

Arlette’s boyfriend just gave her a gift, its a new slick sticker and he wants to test it out. She is not quite so sure but he takes control and licks her coochie, she is liking that idea more and more. The first place he shoves the dildo is in her arse. The cunt bomber is soon replaced with his dick and he nails her backside and switches off to pork her coochie too. She licks her juices off his beef stick and he blows his man juice all over her face.

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Book worm or Trouser snakes.

Book worm or Trouser snakes.

Leilani met these two guys one day in the Valley…She was invited to be on the best show around. Little does she know it is called 2 big to be true. Lets see how much cock she can take, two hung black men, one little asian. She is about to get a fucking of a life time.

Leilani shows how shy she really is…I guess reading all those books she learned how to suck and fuck a huge black cock or two.

18 Year old punk slut gets spit roasted by two big cocks

18 Year old punk slut gets spit roasted by two big cocks

This brunette punk rock slut gets spit roasted by these men in these hardcore movies. She takes turns giving them head while they double team her on the couch. The men enjoy fucking her wet pussy, tight ass and hungry mouth with cock meat until they are ready to soak her teen body with loads of creamy jizz. Enjoy Hustler’s Barely Legal’s assortment of streaming movies filled with sexy nubile amateurs.

Beautiful Vanda drilled doggystyle

Vanda is one hell of a busty babe. This kitten sucks dong like no other doxy and loves to take big-time fucking doggystyle. In this spicy video you will also see her taking penis between her large oiled wobblers and she definitely loves it when a strong pole slides through her tight cleavage.

Sexy Vanda drilled doggystyle
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Tight Lesbians Codi Milo and Holly Wellin are Frisky and Nasty

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These two sexy blonde lesbian babes can’t keep their hands off each other’s bodies and want to have hot lesbian sex together. One of them bends over and lets the other finger her dripping wet snatch and tease her puckered asshole. Her lesbian lover grabs a vibrator and uses it to fuck that juicy pussy. Their big tits and hard nipples quiver as they make out, touch themselves and reach an incredible orgasm. If you enjoy watching two sexy babes in hot threeway action, check out the hot videos at Hustler.

Stud beauty penetrated in the kitchen

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Sexed by a stud to be “individualistic.”

Sexed by a stud to be "individualistic."

Sexed by a stud to be

It seems like our man, Juan is in big demand these days. A lot of girls want to see if that Latin lover mystique is correct. So they request Juan when they contact us about losing their on-camera cherry. We’re happy to oblige, but we’re goddamned jealous about all the great pussy he gets. Nina, 18, a student from Patchogue, New York, asked to get it on with Juan. She is 5′, weighs 99 pounds, wears 32A bras and thongs. (She appeared solo in our August ’10 issue.) Back then, she said that one of her professors was always encouraging his students to express themselves and to be individualistic. "But I don’t know if he meant doing this sorta thing," little Nina said.
"I’ve been fucking for ages, so I know what guys like and I know what I like," said Nina. "I prefer slow sex with the guy doing me deep. I can only cum once while I’m screwing, and I like that to be in the missionary position. I have my strongest orgasms that way. But I like most every other position, and I sure like trying out new ways to get my pussy stuffed with dick. I decided that I wanted to fuck for NN after dating and screwing a few guys who all had small dicks–well, I thought they were!–I started wondering what it would feel like to be totally filled with a big cock. So, after fantasizing about it a lot while masturbating, I decided to go for it and get myself back in NN, too. I held off masturbating for a whole two weeks before my big day just so I’d be horny and ready. But I was nervous, too."
"Wow! Size does matter!" Nina gasped after she’d calmed down from doing Juan. "It’s way harder to suck a big cock than a regular one, but being stuffed with a big dick like Juan’s is truly awesome! I actually came while we were fucking and I didn’t think that would happen, what with the camera guys being in the room and all. But the big cock didn’t make me cum more than once, or make my orgasm better than it usually is, so I can go back to fucking guys with normal dicks and be happy with my memories."

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Sexy Asian Sex Quest Kitten Gets Eaten Out And Drenched In Curvy Ball Batter!

Asian hottie Lucy rides a huge cock

Bombastic bitchy hottie, Lucy is one Asian sex kitten who loves to lick and to be licked. She gets her horny pussy licked with her man’s hot tongue then she sucks her man’s big dindong succulently. This penis loving luscious chick sure can suck a big fat knob and use her superb mouth to pound it and give a nice hardening sensation. And with those pink and meaty sex tunnel of hers, who wouldn’t want to nail this type of ho’? Her tasty body is ooozing with delicious curves and sweet goods that will make any guys heart or rather, dick, beat faster, LOL!

There’s nothing more she really loves than getting her pussy nailed by a huge cock.  Watch this Asian minx get all her wet holes eaten out with that lush tongue of her boytoys before it gets wanged by a massive ramrod which gushed out strings and strings of pirck sperm that completely drenched her tight Asian body is warm and salty ball batter.


Sex Games

Sex Games

Sex Games

"My guy’s folks have a vacation house near Orlando, and they let us use it for our first vacation together," said Sophi. "They have this minivan there, and seeing it got me thinking. I’d already decided to pose for NN, so I suggested that we play a sex game, with me as a hooker that he picked up. We did it early one Sunday. He dropped me off, drove around the block and then our game was on. Thinking that I’d probably be seen, or we could even be stopped by cops was so exciting that my pussy got about as wet as it’s ever been–as you can see. We even found a deserted spot to have sex afterwards. It’s the wildest, sexiest thing we’ve ever done."

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AnnaBelle Lee

AnnaBelle Lee

AnnaBelle Lee

"I posed as a treat for my man. He wanted to show other NN readers how we compromised about my pubes," said Annabelle. "See, he’s kinda old-fashioned because he loves pubes on a girl. I wanted to be bare down there, not just because it feels so much better when he’s eating me out, but also because of the bikinis I wear. So we talked it out and I’ve left the patch of pubes up top but gotten rid of the rest."

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