Piece of crap dude gets to fuck my daughter again

June 22nd, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Blonde daughter sucking cock

Remember the day when my daughter and I were running in our van and suddenly the van’s engine fell apart. Then some punk dude in a motor home stopped and said he will fix the van for exchange to fuck my daughter. The only problem is he get to fuck my daughter but he did not fix my van. Well today was my payback. Janessa told me where he lived.

We got to his place and I was ready to kick his ass, but this prick had a better idea. He agreed to pay for the repairs in exchange to fuck my daughter again. Well, the deal was fine with me but my daughter had some objections. Janessa said that this dude wasn’t even that good in bed. Well, that’s not my problem because while she was getting her pussy drilled, I was heading to a local liquor store to get some drink while he was fixing my van.

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