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Honey Lovely
Honey Lovely
As I walked into the room where Honey Lovely was waiting to put on a little show for us, she was sitting there sipping on some OJ, wearing nothing but some pink panties, a blue designer wife beater and of course some cute short socks. Naturally, my first thought was how much I would love to see that bottle in her…never mind, she beat me to it. After teasing me with her beautiful tits and ass, Honey Lovely reaches for the bottle she just finished drinking and begins to rub her pussy with it.

Next thing I know, that bottle is so deep into her pussy that it starts to fog up from the warmth. Now I’ve seen some amazing scenes at Teen Models but knowing that the warmth of her pussy combined with how deep that bottle was made that bottle fog was so damn hot I could barely finish the shoot. Staring into those crystal blue eyes as she goes doggy-style with a bottle in her pussy is all the Viagra I need. The always sweet, Honey Lovely in this bottle insertion photo set, exclusively at

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