Romance 2

June 19th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Rena Carmine, Priestess Warrior, visits the house of adventurers (Yuontei), with the job of solving the mystery of the priestesses’ disappearances at the Village of Patos. Meanwhile, a priestess-in-training is captured by the villagers and finds herself in a cave, where Dolfus, a demonic monster, molests disappeared priestesses.

Keith and Rena manage to reach the village safely, only to find that the villagers are controlled by Dolfus in disguise. Unknowingly, Rena is captured by Dolfus, who was waiting for her to show up, and he begins molesting her. The monster is after her sexual elixir, whose hidden energy is to resurrect its master, the God of Darkness. Once Rena is sexually excited enough, Dolfus starts to suck the elixir out of her body.

As the elixir is being extracted, Keith arrives and severs its tentacles, slay Dolfus. However, the power of the elixir that was already extracted reaches and resurrects the monstrous God of Darkness. As the monstrosity approaches, ready to crush them, Silver Rainbow helps to destroy it, and they’re saved. The episode ends, as Rena reveals her desires, and they make love on a swing.

Romance 2 :

Romance 2

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