Romance 4

May 24th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Intending to deliver the Silver Rainbow, Keith comes to Elfarcia’s house, but instead, he gets sidetracked and winds up witnessing a beautiful, virgin elf and a unicorn getting captured. Along with his childhood friend, Mysty, he promises to rescue her. The captors’ scheme is to steal the royal horserace by forcing the elf to compete. The regular horses are no match for the unicorn, and the winner of the race is to receive the King’s treasured jewel.

While in captivity, the man guarding the elf touches her with pent-up desire, but he must keep her virginity intact because unicorns only allow virgin elves to ride them. While pursuing the captors, Keith and Mysty wind up on top of a roof. Falling from the roof, they become entangled. The close proximity and their touches arouse their sexual desires. As they make wild love, the horserace begins. Meanwhile, Bagas, who’s also after the treasure, uses a trick to make the horses to go rampant in the middle of the competition.

But Keith and Mysty arrive in time to rescue the elf from her captors. As Mysty flies their escape vessel, the elf tells Keith that as an elf, she must give her virginity to her rescuer, and they engage in passionate sex. The story ends when Keith finally returns the Silver Rainbow to Elfarcia.

Romance 4 :

Romance 4


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