Romance 6

June 12th, 2013 | by Red Hot |

Keith witnesses a monster kid nap Elfarcia. The creature takes her to an old castle on top of an island in the middle of a lake. The monster is a servant of an evil wizard, who is after her Siler Rainbow and her body. The wizard intends to destroy the Earth using black magic unleashed by soaking a mark on the floor with bodily fluids from their sex. Keith arrives just before Elfarcia is penetrated, but the wizard is too powerful to defeat.

Unexpectedly, Keith’s friends, Spika, Jannette, Rena Carmine, Rycure, Bagas and Slimester come to his rescue. With their help and the power of Silver Rainbow, Keith succeeds in destroying the wizard. In a tremendous blast, the castle explodes. After the blast, Keith’s friends find themselves back on the mainland, while Keith and Elfarcia are left on the peaceful island alone. Now she knows Keith is not an angel but a descendant of a great thief. Bashfully she reveals her wish to be stolen by him, and the final episode ends as they make passionate love.

Romance 6 :

Romance 6

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