Samira gets fuck for money

December 5th, 2017 | by Red Hot |

Samira gets fuck for money

Hello everyone, I want you to meet a amazing looking girl named Samira. She gets pimped out by her own dad. Well, because her dad couldn’t pay the rent. It was a bad economy he’s out of the job and doesn’t have any money to pay the rent. She has no other choice but to get enough money for them not to loose the house.

Samira got an idea on how to get money. She ran into her ex-boyfriend knowing that he had enough money in exchange for happy ending. It wasn’t long before her own dad was working out a deal with her ex-boyfriend exchange cash to fuck Samira. Samira then get tot work, in his ex-boyfriend place she wasted to time and rip her clothes flashing her soft tits, she then pull out his penis and give him a blowjobs it wasn’t before the two of them got into the sex action. Her dad headed to his landlord and pay their bills.

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