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Salutations, pussy pals, it’s Charlie O’Neal, your standard bearer for ordinary horndogs with another tale of improving my EFR (earned fuck ratio) while being a Sir Galahad. See, I met Sarah in a parking building when I returned to my car after getting a hair cut. Her car was next to mine, and she was looking under the hood, almost in tears. It wouldn’t even turn over, she said. I’m no mechanic, but I talked about a dead battery or starter motor like I knew what I meant. She called AAA, (45 minutes for service) so I invited her to a Starbucks down the street to pass the time. She accepted. See, I’m always thinking of picking up new pussy for your pleasure.

So Sarah and I talked and drank coffee–yada, yada–and I did my sales pitch. The AAA van arrived, but her car had to be towed. So I took Sarah to lunch at a TGI Fridays–only the best for my girls–and by the time we swung by her local garage to find out about her car, she’d agreed to come home with me for photos. The 24-year-old store clerk–on her day off–had just paid her rent, and she confessed that posing for you horny bastards would give her the money to get the new starter motor that her car needed. The little cutie–she’s only five feet tall–wasn’t a bit shy about shucking off her clothes and actually confessed to feeling quite horny because she was only casually dating and hadn’t been laid in over a month. So I set about rectifying that situation and we both got a lot out of the afternoon, that’s for sure.

Sarah sucked cock like a guy who’d been rescued from the middle of a desert would suck down water. She was so good at it that (I have to admit) I couldn’t control myself and gave her a tonsil bath. (I warned her I was gonna cum and she told me that she loved to swallow.)
Then we screwed for the camera and Sarah had two loud, long and vigorous orgasms that left her sobbing with joy. (I always aim to please!) We had to cut it short after that to go pick up her car, so I stopped at an ATM, she picked up her car and then…and then… and then I followed her to her apartment complex, dropped off her car and we went for a drive up the Pacific Coast highway. We had dinner at a fish place, then I took her back to her place…and spent the night doing all sorts of things that you guys would love to see but will have to imagine.

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