Savannah Stern Gets A Protein Shake

August 22nd, 2009 | by Red Hot |

The Real Workout - Savannah Stern

My last personal training appointment of the day was with this babe named Savannah Stern. She always looks hot but today she came in wearing this pair of skin tight spandex shirts and a low cut top that looked liked her tits were about to bust out of. She started stretching and I knew right away she was teasing me. When she bent over, she pointed her ass right at me and I thought I was about to bust into my pants. I had to give her a hardcore workout! Check out these pictures and see what happened next.

Next thing you know, she unzips her top and her knockers come flying out for me to play with. But that isn’t the only thing I played with. It wasn’t long before my rock hard erection was deep inside of her wet pussy. She rode my cock and gave me a workout that I’ll never forget. Of course, when I got close, I had her go to work on my cock with her mouth. I wanted to give her one of my patented protein shakes before were done.

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