Scoring, 1 blonde and 1 brunette hotties

January 27th, 2012 | by Red Hot |
Hardcore toon porn

A turned on roommate comes home to find her other roommate on the couch and wearing practically nothing. They started to talk about a handsome guy she met in the elevator, the other roommate was jealous to hear that her friend might have a cock waiting for her. As the blonde roommate started to run the shower, they continued to talk. The brunette thought she heard something while her friend was showering. Both in the bathroom and talking, she could hear the neighbors next door. They were banging hard and loud!

When the blonde turned on roommate stepped out of the shower, they both put their ears up to
the wall to listen more closely. The sounds of the hardcore action got them so turned on; they couldn’t resist pleasuring each other! The blonde roommate started to rub her unfold back door
and slowly moved to her peak pussy, and then began to eat her craving pussy out as
she bent over against the wall!

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