Severe Lezdom Torture

June 18th, 2018 | by Red Hot |


The other night, when Jenna was at the bar with her girlfriend Beth, she knew she was in trouble for checking out another hottie pie, but she had no idea that her torment was going to be so intense. The next afternoon, Beth forced Jenna to go with her to the ruins. That’s where there was a torment area all set up. Outdoors and in broad daylight, Jenna was forced to strip out of her clothes. There was no one else around besides her girlfriend, but she had never felt so naked, so vulnerable before. She was extremely nervous about what was going to happen next. Check out these images taken from this lesbo’s intense punishment.

Jenna’s arms were locked into chains and Beth wasted no time beginning to whip her girlfriend with a painful leather whip. It left deep red marks on Jenna. Then Beth put on an iron claw and threatened to really hurt Jenna. However, the fear of her was more intense, then an actual result. Beth just ran the sharp iron claw up and down Jenna’s body until she pleaded for forgiveness. The torture was over, but they weren’t done yet. Beth put on a huge strap on sextoy. Soon, the rubber sextoy was deep inside of Jenna, with both of them enjoying the action.

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