She has never seen a man cum before…

October 22nd, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Teen toon sucks a huge cock

Just look at the way this cut-up teen sucks that cock. She is still nervous – you can see it in her eyes. Her face is scraped from when he warped her to his room through the mirror. Her pigtails keep tickling him, but he loves it. Her mouth feels so good on his cock. She is definitely an amateur though because she does not know how to fellate and stroke at the same time.

She keeps giving it a few sucks while just holding his bone with her fragile hands, but stops sucking when she starts stroking, and just leaves her mouth unfold on the head of his dick. He will have to teach her a few things here, so he grabs his bone and swirls it around in her mouth, and she finally gets the hang of it and starts twirling her tongue around the tip of it. He lets her stroke it once again.

His cock is so big though, that she practically needs both hands and feet to jack it off! She has never seen a man cum before, so she cannot wait to see this bone shoot cum all over. The little Hentai drawn slut will slurp up every last drop of it, and enjoy it!

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