Smoking Wench Satisfies His Fetish

December 3rd, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Smoking Hot Slut

Check out these x-rated pics and see how this floozy satisfied this dude’s fetish the other night. She knew right away that there was something different about this guy that she met at the bar. Every time she lit up a cigarette, he seemed to stare at her lips. By the end of the night, he admitted that he had a smoking fetish and wanted to know if she would help satisfy it.

She did more than just satisfy it, she made his wildest dreams come true that night. She went back to his house and stripped off her clothes. Then she lit up a cigarette and took a drag from it. Just seeing her naked and smoking would’ve been enough for him, but she was just getting started. While smoking, she gave him the best head that he ever got. Then he got pound her pussy while she kept smoking.

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