Spermwoman at a strip club

November 4th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Spermwoman at a strip club

A young woman was a porn actress in cheap porno flicks. She loved to bang and loved to get paid for banging even more. One day on the set of yet another cheap movie, she worked with a well hung male that was new to the porn business. From his lack of experience, he ended up cumming way before he was supposed to. Still in need for money, she signed up with an escort service and one day, she received a call from a couple that wanted her services.

She arrived at the location and was told to strip on stage for them. The couple was in the dark and could not be seen from the stage, but the thrill of knowing that two people were sex while watching her slowly strip, made the escort woman that much more turned on! What she couldn’t see was a woman giving her man a blowjob as he watched the girl on stage!

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