Stephanie Richards And Her Science Project

January 1st, 2010 | by Red Hot |

Stephanie Richards

I’ve known for 2 months that I have a science project due today, but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I decided to work on it. It’s not that I’m lazy, I just like to procrastinate. Anyways, I decided to ask my hot science teacher for help. We brainstormed for a few minutes, then came up with this x-rated idea. I was going to demonstrate the power of an erection.

Of course, I couldn’t show this to the rest of the class, so I had to show him how it worked after school that day. In other words, I was soon giving him a blowjob right in the classroom. I felt so slutty sucking him off in the classroom, but he was about to make me feel even more dirty. Soon, he was pounding my tight teen pussy and then he sprayed my face with hot cum.

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