Student Ashli Orion gets caught

May 3rd, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Student Ashli Orion tasting cock

Hey boys, my name is Ashli Orion and I’m one of the students at Innocent High. Everyone thinks that I’m so sweet and innocent, which is awesome because I can get away with so much. But today I got caught. I was wandering around school after it was over yesterday afternoon and ended up in Mr. Pockerpoon’s classroom. I noticed that he had left his phone on his desk and I couldn’t resist stopping myself from stealing it.

I was just about to walk out of the room when Mr. Pockerpoon came in and noticed right away that his phone was missing. He told me to give it back and that he would have to punish me. Check out these pictures from my punishment. I was shocked when he ordered me to strip out of my clothes and suck his cock, but I was also turned on and it wasn’t long before I had his cock in my mouth and later on inside of my tender pussy.

See more of me at Innocent High.

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