Sucking Penis So My Dad Doesn’t Get Arrested

May 24th, 2011 | by Red Hot |

Blonde teen daughter sucking penis

Take a look at pics of me sucking and fucking this punk named Vanilla. My dad has this scam where puts ads online for sporting event tickets. When they show up at our home, he takes their money and tells them scram. My dad can be pretty scary so most of the time there’s no problems, but this guy wouldn’t give my dad his money. My dad starts to kick his butt and I literally have to run into the room to save him.

Well, my dad takes his money and heads to the bar. Meanwhile, this punk starts saying that he’s going to call the cops. Well, I had to shut him up, so I took off my clothes. He was still talking about calling the police so I started to sucking his cock. You can bet that made him forget about everything else. It didn’t stop their either because soon I was riding his curvy penis. I couldn’t stop myself!

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