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Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Asian sex quest has another tasty treat that your delicious dick and balls will surely enjoy.
Here we have Avena Lee’s shiny clean mocha pussy fucked by a spicy beefy boytoy. Since this pure awesomeness chick from the land oriental was asking for some cock to get her bald beaver destroyed, we gave her one wet detour she hasn’t recovered from yet…not even today.

She surely love those quick plunges and strokes, when that nice hot dick gave her cute pussy and butt holes several rounds of meat stuffing, her lover bending and flipping her in amazing positions before they went a rough drive to tuna town.

After a quick fix of hot blowjob and firm ass plow, her cooter gets ultra stretched by that massive woody for the amazing cumshot finale that bloke has delivered!


Young Asian girl fucked hard

Friday, July 13th, 2018

Young Asian girl fucked hard

This petite Asian tender street slut is in a room full of people but to watch her fuck you would think she and this guy were totally alone. She is so engrossed in that wet little pussy and his hard dick pounding at it that she probably would not notice a brass band walking through. I doubt you will either when you watch this movie.

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Asian Nympho Nautica Thorn

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Asian Nympho Nautica Thorn naked

Check out these very hot photos of an Asian babe named Nautica Thorn. Since I took these photos, I’ve seen this teen nympho in a couple of porn movies. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her in the near future. She put on an amazing show for me, even though it was her first time in front of the camera taking off her clothes. This chick is a natural.

In fact, she was ready to get undressed even before I had my cameras ready. And what an amazing body that she had underneath her clothes, she has the kind of body that’s made for hours of hard pounding sex. That’s when she started telling me how much she loved getting fucked .

She started to rub her tight pussy as she talked about the last time that she had been fucked by some guy that she just met at a club. You have to love nymphos like her.

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Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Showing off their cute little Asian asses in tiny micro thongs

Raquel and Sarah were two hot Asian thong bikini chicks that modeled mini micro thongs for me one day. As you can notice they were both looked hot as hell in those little thong bikinis I gave them. It was a fine day at the beach that day and the sun was just defectless to get some real exquisite explicit beach photos of these two gorgeous Asian bikini babes.

At first it was a little bit difficult trying to appointment and maneuver around two hot models at the same time, but since these to Asian chicks were best fiends it worked out quite well. Especially in the beginning when they were changing into their thongs I gave them to wear. It was very beautiful watching them check each others thongs to encompass how they looked on them.

The gig went very fittingly and both of these hot Asian bikini babes had a wonderful time playing around and posing for me on the beach. I had them try on a couple different suits and took lots of thong pictures of them doing all sorts of things like bending over and sticking their asses out and stuff like that. They both were wearing mini micros for the end of the bikini appointment and that particular thong style is very unveiling!

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Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Sexy Asian 3D peach in red

Wow, take a look at this turned on, turned on Asian girl with red jump suit on! She is so sexy, and just look at those curves on her 3D body – those hips could break something! She is so impeccable, and those 3D hooters are about to pop on out of that outfit that is so skin tight! She has a impeccable stomach, nice abs, and she knows she is sexy! She shows off that turned on little body on camera and even grabs her crotch as a teaser.

See this turned on 3D girl tease you with those huge juggs, and you will be in anticipation for her to take off her top so you can check out her impeccablely formed 3D hooters! She is super hot, and all you will want to do to her is bang her tight 3D pussy. Just wait til you see her pretty little pussy slit…it is soaking wet, and turned on, and even creamy, just waiting for someone to come by and lick it clean.

And that tight little back door of hers…damn, it is so round and impeccable, not a damn thing wrong with it, that is for sure! Watch her having some solo time with herself, enjoying her own wetness and finger banging herself!

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Hot Asian bikini girl rubbing oil onto her small breasts

This was my second thong assignment I did with Tracy and it was better than the first one. The second one is always better because both parties are more familiar with each other and know what to expect and what is expected of them. I usually get much better and more x-rated and extreme thong shots the second time around.

This was no exception. She was conclusively off the hook for this thong shoot. I got all kinds of good angles! Plenty of good accomplished bent over bottom picture with her thong pulled up choice and tight making a neat cameltoe. Tons of front image with her legs spread and topless revealing her gnarly and small A-Cup breasts. It just doesn’t get any better than this thong extravaganza!

Eventually I had to wrap up this shoot so I had her put on another one string thong and run her through the same routine of x-rated ass angles and what not. After a while all this becomes second nature and you become just like an artist painting a canvas, except the girl is your canvas and your thongs and camera are your paint.

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Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Asian babe outdoor sex

I was amazed with this Asian girl. She is so curvy and pretty that I have no words to describe her well. Her soft natural tits are so inviting for a penis between them, she wear bikini at the pool side. I was enjoying her curvaceous body and shaved Asian pussy of hers licking it out at first.

We are hangin’ out at the pool side. All we do is to drink tequilla and enjoy sunbathing. Soon, we were drunk, flirting each other, she kissed me in the neck and I pull out his natural tits and squeezed them then she pull out my cock, jerks it first until it was rock hard. Few seconds later she suck my penis and massage it by her tongue. My penis felt great inside her mouth. Not long before I was fucking her tight Asian pussy from behind. She begs me to keep on fucking her until I blew my sperm inside her Asian pussy.

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Sunday, June 10th, 2018

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Big Black Masses Up Asian Asses

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Sunday, June 10th, 2018


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Friday, June 8th, 2018

Asian slut Lyla Lei gets it doggystyle

Lyla Lei is a real penis hungry Asian slut that really wants to be drilled at least three times a week. She loves to search chatrooms online for guys who want Asian babes for their tight pink pussies and she makes dates to fuck their brains out and then leave them never to be seen again.

When she meet a guy in a chat room that is near in her apartment, she invite him for a dinner. And when he showed up Lyla knew he wasn’t lying because she could see the outline of his massive cock tucked in to his tight denim jeans. Just seeing the outline of his penis made her pussy wet and this penis hungry Asian slut couldn’t wait to whip out his dick and spread her tight pink pussy lips for it. Lyla grab his hand and went directly to her bedroom and unzipped his pants and without giving him a chance to introduce himself she pulled them down and made a grab for his dick. Pushing him back on to the bed she stripped and sat right on his penis. Few minutes later she was fuck doggystyle and she really loves his penis inside her tight Asian pussy.

Lustful asian ladyboy plays with her rod

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Our latest lovely hails from Nana Plaza’s Obsessions Bar, and at first glance looks more Japanese Geisha than Thai Ladyboy. Oum has a sweet innocence about her, a diminutive little body and a petite but appetizing cock just dying to be sucked.

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Hot Asian thong ass bent over and in your face!

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Hot Asian thong ass bent over and in your face!

In this set Tracy is wearing a one string thong bikini that is about the most extreme and x-rated thong bikini on the face of the earth. I love the one string thong because most of the time that string slips into position right up the middle of the models crotch and nestle right in between her coochie lips. This is so hot!

Eventually after a while of this it can start to turn the sweetie on almost and you will encompass them start to get a little moist and engorged down there. This is also dam hot! Sometimes while doing these types of extreme thong shoots it’s not uncommon to have to ask the honey to go for a quick swim to sweet down a little.

Finally we finished with the one string thong and decided to call it a day. We had taken a few hundred thong pictures and that was enough thongs rear vagina and boobs for one day! I ended up shooting Tracy 3 or 4 times over the period of a month or so. I can’t wait to rendezvous her again.

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Asian sex kitten Char stars in this body-shaking Asian Sex Quest episode featuring her enormous juggs and juiciest set of cat flaps. Once she sinks her claws into some hard cocklog, she’s on fire and wont stop till she gleams in hot juices of white sticky sperm. How this Asian babe trampled at the studio is a no-brainer. Puny dicks are rampant all over Asia and you know where the sluts head at where the boys got it big and the chicks are hot!

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Hot Asian Pussy For Takeout

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

It was a really long day seeing all the attractions in New York city, so I stopped by a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown for some dinner and bumped into the very hot seductress waiter May Ling. This cute little China doll was so hot that I forgot about pork fried rice and thought about porking her. For here of for take out, either way, I’m eating her out. She was more than happy to to have take her home and she was all smiling while showing me her favorite things to eat.

I knew she had to be hungry since I made her skip dinner, so I let her nibble on my cock. Her tummy must have been really complaining because she wolfed it right up! I needed a snack myself before the next course so I helped myself to a few licks of her delicious snatch. After our “dinner,” I knew it was time to fill her other holes up.

She went on a ride on top of my penis and rode me hard but I knew she’s lsuting for more. I filled her ass next and made her cram her hole on me for a while before flipping her over and really pounding into her until I came. It was definitely my best dining experience ever in Chinatown and I will definitely be back for more action!


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Sunday, May 6th, 2018

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

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Tina is a sexy Asian cutie with a tight body that likes to blow bubbles just as much as we love to watch her bubble ass. The naughty oriental princess lifts her t-shirt so we can see her meaty tits; her nipples are already erect, naughty slut! Sitting by the stairs, she spreads her legs and sinks her soft fingers into her wet pussy. I wonder if her pussy tastes like raw sushi… Catch the Asian fever at Asian Fever, with so many hot Asian babes fucking, who wants a cure?

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Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Young Asian girl fucked hard

One of the biggest draws to many guys about Asian tender fuck films is just how sweet these babes are. Their fresh faces and those big eyes that widen at the sight of a hard dick are sure fire hardons. However this guy is fucking the tiny teen hard just to push her a little further. She takes it too though she certainly is a noisy fuck.

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