Comforting cheerleader Bailey Lane at Innocent High

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Topless Bailey Lane enjoying a big one

Let me tell you about the other day when Bailey Lane came into my office. It seems the other girls on the cheerleading team were making fun of her. She had broken her glasses and was forced to wear a piece of tape that held them together. I talked to her and made her calm down, telling her how she was a beautiful girl and what not. She thought that I was hitting on her because next thing I know, she’s on top of me kissing me and running her hands all over my body.

Check out these pictures from when Bailey Lane was getting naughty in the principal’s office. And it didn’t stop with just her wanting to kiss me. Next thing I know, she’s half naked, showing me her soft teen body and laying across my desk so that she could suck my dick. A few minutes later, I was fucking her tight pussy. Had to have been the tightest pussy that I’ve ever felt.

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