Teen model Nicol reveals her beautiful body and perfect pussy

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Teen model Nicol getting undressed
Teen model Nicol playing with her pussy
Sometimes I think that women are like flowers, add water and they just seem to get hotter and hotter. Nipples get perky, t-shirts get wet, clothes usually come off before getting wet, or the worst case scenario they are wearing a skimpy little bathing suit…so you can see where my flower reference "stems" from (pardon the pun). Wearing a tight and skimpy, pink shirt and booty shorts, I couldn’t wait for teen model Nicol to get in the water.

And when the clothes got wet, they started to come off, revealing Nicol’s beautiful body and perfect pussy. However things got really heated when teen model Nicol showed off her cock-sucking skills on her toy, before sliding that spit soaked vibrator into her pussy. So if you didn’t get the flowers and girls connection before, I’m sure you do now! And when in doubt, just add water.

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