Perfect bent over thong camel toe

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Perfect thong camel toe

Ash had an incredible body built like a brick shit house. She was just the right size and looked as if she could literally fuck your brains out. There is no way the average man could keep up with this thong chick.

Her coochie mound was so choice and plump it looked as if it had never been fucked before. At Least not by someone with a real cock. Her outer pussy lips were good and plump and the front of her thong sort of buried itself down in her pussy very nicely. It was one hell of an extreme moose knuckle that is for sure.

Ash’s tatas were very choice indeed as well. The seemed to be impervious and there was not much jiggle wiggle action. I like that. This thong girl was a real hard body! We took our time filming her and this is some of the best thong crotch cameltoe action you will ever see. You have to download this full length video.

This footage is so close and in your face you can hardly taste it!
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