Stop The Camera – Blonde Flashing Off Body

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Here’s the perfect blonde anal pornstar Taylor Lynn sitting on a chair, discussing her next movie entitled “Bust My Hole”. Her rather massive natural melons will get you turned on as she’s wearing a hot yellow bikini while she’s being interviewed in this behind-the-scenes porn footage.

The next thing you know, she pulls her bra down and flashes you her nipples as well as her fine round bubble-butt.

Blonde pornstar Taylor Lynn in a yellow bikini

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Stop The Camera – Interview With A Student

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

This is how the girls look when they first arrive on set: usually in sweatpants and with a coffee .
And sometimes with a baseball cap. The student in the scene samples below is happy to chat it up with our camera crew and shows us a set of panties she will be wearing .

Sure the girls are not always naked in the behind-the-scenes porn clips we have, but they more then make up for it in “wow” factor. As in “wow, I can’t believe she just said that” or “wow, did she really just do that?”. Truth be told, StopTheCamera does not live up to its name: in fact we take fantastic pride in keeping the cameras on even when the girls have said stop. Since we’re not the ones in the spotlight, we don’t see the harm!

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Haily Paige In Front Of The Camera

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Hailey Paige

It doesn’t get much girl next door than Hailey Paige. Most of the time, I have the girls come to do their interviews and photo shoots at my studio, but Hailey lived so far away that she sent me these very sexy pictures that her friend took of her in her bedroom. If she takes these kinds of photos now, I can only wonder what it’ll be like when she gets in front of a professional photographer’s camera.

In the pictures, she’s hanging out on her bed in just a tank top and white cotton panties. There’s almost something innocent about it, but it’s not long before she’s getting very naughty. She’s rubbing her pussy through those panties She pulls up her top and shows us her delicious looking tits. It’s not long before she’s naked and showing us all of her body. My favorite picture is when she’s bent over with her ass in the air. It’s like she’s begging for someone to come fuck her.

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Stop The Camera – Trina Michaels

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

If you’re a lot like us, you probably don’t pay much attention to a blonde pornstar with massive silicone cans when she’s talking because you’re too busy staring at her best assets. Thankfully the cameras can keep the eye on the conversation for you to listen to later as you continue enjoying the girls in all their sexiness.

That’s where StopTheCamera comes in handy with hundreds of candid moments of pornstar interviews and porn bloopers, all ready for you to enjoy when you’re done staring at her rack!

Trina Michaels

Trina Michaels behind the scenes on a porn set

“You can’t stop me once I get in front of a camera.”

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

"You can’t stop me once I get in front of a camera."

"My mom’s always telling people that you can’t stop me once I get in front of a camera. That I’ve been like that since I was little," said Bonnie. But I’m sure she didn’t mean in front of a camera doing this. "Well, mom, I’d like to get more tattoos, but I can’t afford it what with my fees and books and day-to-day living. So I figured I’d pose for NN and get the money this way. You can thank my boyfriend if you like; he discovered a pile of NN at a friend’s place, showed them to me and gave me the idea to do this. My boyfriend’s in his senior year at another college a few hours away, and we don’t get to see each other near as often as we’d like to," said Bonnie. "When we do connect, about all we do is screw and screw and screw some more. Well, we do have phone sex a few nights a week, but getting off that way is nowhere near as good as the real thing. We both agreed that we could hook up with a lover for a night if the needies got too much for us and we’d go the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ way like the armed forces do. Obviously, that’s all I’m gonna tell you about that. So, who took these photos? Well, my guy did when we met up for a night in a motel, about half-way between our colleges. It was deserted, so I posed in the backyard."

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Stop The Camera – Bathroom Pornstars

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

If you think cleaning up after a porn shoot is gross and messy, how would you like to clean up after pornstars in the bathroom? Tyla Wynn and Victoria Sin are busy fixing themselves up immediately after getting facefucked in their scene .

In fact, you can even watch Tyla blow her nose in the aftermath. Perhaps not their finest hour or their best face, but this is the reality of porn: when all the lights and glamour are long gone and before the airbrushing artists can work their magic, here is what actually happens. So if you love knowing what actually goes on, was made just for you.

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Stop The Camera – Private Striptease

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

A beautiful brunette with a killer body is playing around in front of our camera while waiting for her scene to start. She is happy to show off her incredible natural gifts through a red fishnet body stocking, notably her great ass and attractive guns. Plus it’s amazing what these girls will tell you on camera! Lucky for the viewers, our porn interview turned into a full-nude striptease.

So are pornstars just attention whores who do anything in front of a camera? Or do they enjoy confiding their thoughts in a stranger? We pledge to keep our tapes rolling for you until they finally yell StopTheCamera!

Porn star does a striptease

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Stop The Camera – Jennifer Steele

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Jennifer Steele is one beautiful piece of ass with a killer MILF body. We met up with her on the set of her most famous DVD, in which she let a room full of horny Mexicans fuck her in the butt for her widely popular Mexican Rectal Gangbang. If you want to know what goes through a pornstar’s mind before getting penetrated in the ass by 50 strangers, then you’ll love the hundreds of behind-the-scenes porn moments featured on StopTheCamera.

Jennifer Steele

Jennifer Steele preparing for her rectal orgy

Stop The Camera – Moxxie Maddron Bikini

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

The first two girls in the free bikini video clips below are certainly cute. Of course we have no idea who either of them are. But we’re sure that once you watch the student in the green bikini from the second video, you’ll be in love with her too !

The final clip features large melons pornstar Moxxie Maddron, complete with all her tattoos, doing some leg squats with a trim punk bitch on her shoulders. Check out the sheer strength and lifting power in Moxxie’s legs and arms! Find out who wins the pornstar bikini contest by watching the entire video at StopTheCamera!

Moxxie Maddron in bikini

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Beautiful Blonde Pornstar Teases The Camera With Her Big Breasts

Friday, May 25th, 2018

Beautiful busty blonde pornstar in black lingerie

Isis is a beautiful blonde pornstar stacked with a set of breath taking round breasts that resemble a couple of ripe grapefruits just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them.

Dressed to kill in a kinky black lingerie set with stockings and garters, Isis gets her kicks flirting with the camera, juggling her delicious meaty orbs, tightly imprisoned in the lace fabric of her outfit.

She can’t wait to smother a fat cock in between her boobies and feel it erupt, soaking her hard nipples with milky cum.

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Stop The Camera – Massive Cans Blonde Facial

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

This sexy blonde is wearing a camouflage bra and panties with platform boots, as she’s just about to let her large DD boobs spill out of their see-through top for your pleasure. Soon she finds two guys sitting on a sofa jerking off while awaiting her arrival.

Watch this next part of the behind-the-scenes porn action as she bends over and reveals you her large anal gape then takes a double jizz facial.

Sexy blonde with large DD boobs

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Stop The Camera – Tory Lane Behind The Scenes

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Lee Stone shows you his massive penis in this porn blooper video, where you’ll find him pumping this very perfect and chesty brunette Tory Lane in several positions. Watch as Lee picks up Tory and starts licking her clit as she gives him a blowjob upside down !

In the next scene, you’ll find him giving this Tory Lane a hard anal probing and then for some strange reason they both spit at the camera.

Tory Lane in a porn blooper video

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Stop The Camera – Sandra Romain Flashing Off

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Perfect body pornstar Sandra Romain is sitting on a bed, fondling her neatly trimmed snatch and wearing nothing but red fishnets and a pair of latex boots. You’ll get a nice close-up of Sandra’s twat lips as she has no problem fingering herself right in front of you and the camera guy.

Finally she bends over and gives you one final long look at her incredible firm ass that is capable of taking double anal screwing.

pornstar Sandra Romain

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Stop The Camera – Brittany Andrews

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

We always like catching up with pornstars behind the scenes on their porn sets, either in the make-up room, the dressing room, or right before they are about to suck pecker or get screwed. Today we have a interview with stacked blonde Brittany Andrews. If you want to know what she’s like, you can watch the sample clips then join to see the whole thing in much better quality, along with hundreds more pornstars on StopTheCamera.

Brittany Andrews

Candid confessions from pornstars!

Wild group of students heavily pairing off before camera

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Camera works and makes crazy shots with amateur studs pairing off Watch this gallery now!

Stop The Camera – Ava Devine

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

You will remember Ava Devine for her infamous video in which she was getting her loose butthole railed when all of a sudden it fell out during the scene. If you don’t believe us, watch this: Ava Devine’s anus falls out on camera. Porn bloopers like that are what make for interesting viewing .

In the porn outtakes from the free videos below, you can see Ava Devine riding a massive deep toy in her ass. This was before her anal accident that basically ended her rectal career .
She had to undergo surgery to correct her pooper and is reportedly wearing diapers now.
Talk about an ass drilling!

Ava Devine

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Stop The Camera – Porn Sweeties On Set

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

You wouldn’t believe if we told you what we see and hear on porn sets every day. So how about if we showed you? Now we’re not saying that every day some student slips on a banana peel and lands flat on her ass. But it does happen. And so why not see it ?

People are always drawn to bloopers and deleted scenes, so we decided to make an entire site on the subject. Take the girls in the free videos below: they are all chattering on about anything and everything in their lives. And somewhere in that chaos lies an interesting tale that girls never thought would make it to DVD or the internet… until now!

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