Gracie Glam Gets Caught

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Gracie Glam

Hey guys, my name is Gracie Glam. I’m one of the teen students at Innocent High. One of the other girls has been picking on me a lot, so I decided to bring in a toy guy to scare her. It was a really stupid thing to do, but it turned into one day at school that I’ll never forget. Check out these pictures and see what happened at school that day.

I was taking the toy out of my bad and putting it into my locker when Coach saw me. He saw that it was a toy, but told me that he was going to have to call the cops anyways. I realized how stupid it was to bring something like that to school and was willing to do anything, if he didn’t call the police. Next thing I know, he’s telling me to get on my knees and to give him a blowjob. It didn’t stop there either. Next thing you know, he’s pounding my tight pussy. It felt so good!

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Kara Novak Caught Trying To Steal A Car

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

Kara Novak

Hey guys, my name is Kara Novak and I got in big trouble today at school. I was sent to Principal Fitzergood’s office because I was talking in class. But he wasn’t there when I got there, but his car keys were. He has this really hot convertible and I couldn’t resist heading out to the parking lot with the keys. I swear I wasn’t going to steal it, I just wanted to take it for a test drive around the parking lot. Well, with my luck, Mr Fitzergood was walking through the parking lot right then and caught me!

Check out these photos and see what happened when we got back to his office. He told me that I was in serious trouble this time and if I didn’t do exactly what he said, he was going to have to expel me and have me put into handcuffs. He told me to take off my clothes and he didn’t have to say anything else. Soon, I was on my knees giving him a blowjob before her fucked my tender pussy.

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Student Ashli Orion gets caught

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Student Ashli Orion tasting cock

Hey boys, my name is Ashli Orion and I’m one of the students at Innocent High. Everyone thinks that I’m so sweet and innocent, which is awesome because I can get away with so much. But today I got caught. I was wandering around school after it was over yesterday afternoon and ended up in Mr. Pockerpoon’s classroom. I noticed that he had left his phone on his desk and I couldn’t resist stopping myself from stealing it.

I was just about to walk out of the room when Mr. Pockerpoon came in and noticed right away that his phone was missing. He told me to give it back and that he would have to punish me. Check out these pictures from my punishment. I was shocked when he ordered me to strip out of my clothes and suck his cock, but I was also turned on and it wasn’t long before I had his cock in my mouth and later on inside of my tender pussy.

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Curious woman caught peeping at her neighbor

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018
Hardcore toon porn

A woman at home was strangely attracted to peeping at her new male neighbor through a crack in his door. She saw him move around his house in nothing but a red robe and with his large bone hanging out. She caught him at the right time that day! He sat down on his couch and started to pet and then strokes his long and thick cock. The woman was amazed at his huge package as she looked on during the solo stroke session.

All of a sudden, the bozo stopped and walked away. It seemed as if the show was over, but in fact, it had just begun! He had caught her peeking at him and decided to let her see up close what she had been staring at all this time. She got more than just a look; she got a mouthful and a pussy bazooka like of some long and bazooka like man meat!

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Shemale Caught

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Hardcore shemale toon porn

We were just playing around! I didn’t know that our master would be coming back so soon !
So when she caught me and another shemale slave playing around in her clothing, she was FURIOUS with us .

She told us that she would make us pay for playing around in her things, but oddly enough, she didn’t want us out of her clothing though. She forced us to take tons of cock from her and her acquaintances, drowning between their loads of cum all over our faces and bodies .

Our assholes were filled and drenched, as were our bodies, and most importantly Master’s boots. They didn’t seem to mind though, so I guess they turned a bad situation into a good one in their eyes.

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The Mistake: When the redhead is caught by the police

Monday, January 22nd, 2018
Hardcore toon porn pussy licking

A woman, who had a few drinks that night, was driving recklessly through town. A cop who had seen her, asked her to pull over. She admitted to speeding and since she knew that she has had a few drinks too many, she decided to take a different approach. She told the officer that she had a nicer way for them to work things out.

Much to his surprise, and his excitement, he agreed to her terms and met her at a motel around the corner. He used his big cock and pounded her pussy nice and good. When it was over, she had no regrets since it the sex was fantastic! The cop asked the lady if she could drive him to work since he was late. As they were driving in the car, the woman asked which police station he worked at. To her surprise, it wasn’t a police station that he worked at!

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Whitney Stevens caught skipping class

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Whitney Stevens

From time to time, I drive around the area looking for students that are skipping class. Today, I spotted a busty brunette teen named Whitney Stevens. She was working as a hooker when she was supposed to be in class. I wasn’t going to allow this so I pulled over and ordered her to get into the car. I told her that not only was I going to take her back to school, but I was going to tell her parents what she had been doing.

Check out these pictures and see what happened when we got back to my office. At first she was giving me all attitude, but she soon realized that she was in some pretty serious trouble. She was soon willing to do anything to make me change my mind. That included showing me her giant melons, sucking my cock and letting me fuck that tight teen pussy. I ended up blowing my wad all over her slutty face.

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Eva Ellington Caught With Alcohol

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Eva Ellington gets her teen pussy fucked

Hey boys, my name is Eva Ellington and this is my Innocent High story .
I was planning on a little get together with my friends after school on Friday, and was hiding the alcohol in my locker. Someone must have snitched on me because the principal found out, confiscated my liquor and ordered me into his office. He was planning on giving me a lecture then suspending me, but I had some other plans!

If my parents found out, I was going to be in a lot more trouble then a suspension from school, so I had to make sure that they wouldn’t find out. I decided that I had to distract him and started to rip off my clothes right in the middle of his office. That got his attention right away! His dick was soon rock hard and the real fun started!
I’ve never been fucked the way my principal fucked my teen pussy that day.

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Asian ladyboy Cartun caught on cam pulling her rod

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

I’m sure you’re all familiar with “hard-core” porn, but our latest offering is a new genre’ we’ve entitled, “Soft-toy porn”. Obsessions doll Cartun is as cute as a button, and plays up perfectly for the camera, pulling on her perfectly proportioned pecker and producing a substantial, sticky splurge.

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Carmen McCarthy Gets Caught

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Carmen McCarthy with a hard cock in her mouth

We’ve been having a problem with items disappearing at Innocent High the past few weeks. Today, I caught the culprit red handed when she was walking out to her car with the globe from my classroom. The thief was none other than Carmen McCarthy. She’s not one of those sweet and innocent girls, but we’ve never had any problems with her like this before. I brought her back to my office and told her that I was going to call the police. That’s when she told me that she was willing to do anything if I didn’t call the cops!

Check out these photos and see how Carmen stayed out of jail. This busty brunette teen really didn’t give me a choice. She jumped on top of me and wouldn’t let me get away as she was taking off her clothes. I have to admit, looking at her tight body got me rock hard and I had no choice but to give into her. I wasn’t going to call the cops, as long as she made me cum.

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