Bambi being fisted in the alley by a stranger

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Bambi being fisted in the alley by a stranger
Recently featured in the TM Insider (the teenmodels blog) this video is sure to make a long lasting impression. And you will certainly see why. Playing off a deep fantasy, this amazing lesbian fisting video comes to you from a dark alley. Yes that’s right, a dark and lonely alley, or so she thought. Dressed up in one of the sexiest outfits I have ever seen, teen model Bambi enters the dim street light, sporting a pink mini skirt, thigh high socks and chuck T’s. Does it really get any hotter? Oh wait, she takes those off, so yes I guess it does.

Using the street light as a stripper pole, Bambi gets down on the ground and begins to masturbate. Seeing this blonde bombsehll on the sidewalk, pounding her pussy was extremely hot but when Purf Angel entered the alley, (and Bambi’s fantasy) things got a whole lot hotter. Slowly working, one, then two, then her whole hand into Bambi’s pussy, I thought to myself, this is probably the last thing on earth I would expect to find wandering down a dark alley. Maybe alley’s have a bad rap and it’s time for me to start wandering down these alleys more often? Yeah maybe not…

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Three-on-one alleyway shemale gangbang surprise

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Shemale toons in a hot threesome gangbang

I had just got out of work, and I could see storm clouds moving up ahead of me .
Cursing myself for leaving my umbrella at work, I started walking briskly so that I didn’t get caught up in it, when I made a wrong turn down a dark alley .

In it, there were three of the sexiest babes I have ever seen. I thought maybe my luck was changing, until all three started pushing me to the ground, and exposing their enormous dicks to me! They tore at my clothes and my flesh, shoving their cocks in both my mouth and my asshole .

I had never felt anything so large in my life! After all three had their fill of my mouth and ass, they made me lay down so they could shoot all three loads across my face. I’ll be carrying my umbrella everywhere I go for now on.

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