MILF thong extravaganza on the beach

Monday, May 14th, 2018

MILF thong extravaganza on the beach

Holy Frigin Shit Thongman! That is what I thought when Rachel put on this Hot Pink 1 String Bikini Bottom. She said “OK let the party begin”. I was all too eager to get shooting. So much so that I fumbled and dropped my new camera lens first into the coarse sand. Ooops! With Rachel’s support we got the camera cleaned up and ready to go quickly. No major damage thank goodness.

Before I knew it she was Buns Up Kneeling. She was twirling and reeling. I was feeling the groove and getting some amazing backside and vagina shots. Rachel was really on a roll pulling her rump cheeks wide open for me, the camera, and you. She rubbed her huge breasts back and forth and up and down until the hot pink three string top came off and fell on the beach. I had her roll in the sand until it covered her entire body.

After the sand roll Rachel got up and ran into the ocean and washed the sand off of her muscular tight body. It was awesome to watch her rubbing her nasty body all over to get all of the sand off and out of every nook and cranny. Once she was rinsed off she was back up on the beach dancing and posing. We finished up the rendezvous with her topless spread eagle on the sand showing her hot nasty pussy with the one string rear pulled to the side. What a sight. This was a really fun shoot. You have to love these one string invisible bikini bottoms.

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