Sexy Asian girl has taboo fantasies

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Sexy naked Asian girl

Lana is a sexy asian amateur dressed up in the kinkiest lingerie. She likes getting spanked, the harder the better. Wouldn’t you strip her naked and spank her butt until her butt cheeks turn crimson?

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Hungry young slut spreading her ass

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Hungry young slut spreading her ass

The back on this young babe is just as nice as the front and she has a DD set of tits. Lana was looking forward to this shoot all week it is an excuse for a wild fresh slut to get naked and nasty and know lots of guys will be watching her!

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Lana Violet Caught Wet Handed

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Innocent High

I was walking through the Innocent High hallway, digging through my purse looking for something, when I accidentally knocked my sex toy out and on to the floor. At first I thought that no one had seen me, but then I noticed Mr. Pockerpoon watching me. I knew I was in trouble. I tried to play it off like nothing happened, but he dragged me into his classroom and told me he was going to have report what he saw. See how I convinced him not to turn me in.

I was hoping that I could just flash my tits and he would forget everything else, however it didn’t work. It was going to take more than just a look at my tits. Next thing you know, I’m down on my knees, sucking his rock hard dick. Then he sat down on a chair and invited me to come sit on top of him. I took his cock deep inside of my teen pussy. We fucked for a long time until he couldn’t hold back anymore. That’s when he came on my face.

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Lana Violet Caught With A Vibrator

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Lana Violet fucking at Innocent High

Hey guys, my name is Lana Violet and I’m one the girls at Innocent High. Today, I did something pretty dumb. I just knew I was going to get caught. I brought my vibrator to school because me and the other girls were talking about our favorite sex toys and were going to compare them. However, I was walking out of Mr. Pokerpoon’s class with I was looking for something in my bag and the vibrator fell out on to the ground!

Check out these pictures and see what happened next. I was so embarrassed, but luckily no one except Mr. Pokerpoon saw it. He said that he was going to have to turn me into the principal, but I convinced him that we should work out a deal instead. Next thing you know, I’m on my knees and convincing him with my mouth that he should let me go free!

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