Rikki proves he’s porn star ready and fucks Mandy

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Mandy licks his fat cock

Mandy getting fucked by this hung guy

Pussy about to get fucked

Amateur and a hot porn star
Ricky Bon_Bon is a unique specimen & you would be hard pressed to duplicate him. According to Ricky, in his 1st interview, he found the add because his mother encouraged him to try out. Being isolated in the far reaches of Northern Eastern Europe becoming a porn star would, in a sense, give Ricky a label of royalty in his home town. Let’s see if Ricky can seal his fate in this porn star kingdom.

Right from the get know the crew knew it would be a memorable shoot, especially if you watched the original audition footage. Ricky arrived on set ready with a smile & some sausage, literally. Apparently it is tradition to bring the sausage, but he brought his own as well. After a warm welcome, Mandy gets down to business. She almost needs a pry bar to fit his fat cock into her mouth but somehow she managed. At 7 1/2 " long and 6 " around, he is sure to please.

Mandy just might need to pack her pussy on ice after this shoot !! 

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Mandy Spice

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Mandy Spice

Mandy Spice

"My best friend and I were online one Saturday night looking for porn," said Mandy. "Neither of us had dates so we got a bit lezzie. We’ve done it before a few times. We found naughtymag.com and I told Shannon that I wanted to do some dirty photos. She got her digital camera and I put on this show. She even loaned me her toy. I took shots of her, too, but she’s too shy to send them to you guys. But the thought of showing my body to the world excites me a whole lot."

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Lucky’s 2nd tryout as he gets to lick and fuck Mandy

Monday, May 7th, 2018

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Ultra slut Mandy More does it again with a totally hot, hardcore and hi-def xxx scene that will make your cock throb with lust and desire. She gives her amateur sex partner Lucky a sexy little lap-dance and then reaches between her thighs to stroke his cock through his pants.

Eager to get to the meaty part, sexy Mandy pulls those pants down and greedily engulfs Lucky’s cock with her expert mouth, making him groan with pleasure. Giving great blowjobs is one of Mandy’s specialties, and Lucky really gets lucky! After lubing him up nicely Mandy lays back on the couch as Lucky slides his juicy cock into her already wet pussy, slamming her hard and fucking her in different positions, including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

When she cums hard from the pulsing rhythm, he pulls his cock out of her dripping pussy and shoots his load of sticky cum all over her natural tits!

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Dyllan can’t get hard to fuck Mandy

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Amateur and a hot porn star

Amateur and a hot porn star

Amateur and a hot porn star

Naked amateur and a hot porn star
Dyllan is a very clean cut military man on leave, so he thought he would spend some of his time auditioning for his hopeful new career in porn. Dyllan is unfazed by the rules laid out in front of him. He was alos very polite, professional, & happy. What man wouldn’t be happy in that scenario? Things began with a great start, except for one major thing, Dyllan can’t get hard.

There are only a few things that would be cause for fail & not being able to resurrect the "man of the hour" is the worste thing that could happen. After quite some time trying to bring his cock to life, there was still no progress. Dyllan just can’t get out of his head & that haulted his ability to rise up. Maybe next time Dyllan.

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Rick fucks porn star Mandy and blows his load all over her ass

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

He cums over her ass

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Amateur and a hot porn star

Hot porn star Mandy
Rick passed the initial audition with flying colors. Today Rick is back for his promised porn star gig, which consists of fucking an established porn star, Mandy More! There is WAY more to a porn shoot then Rick thought. Pictures have to be taken 1st, no actual fucking in this portion just pretend fucking at this point. After that, the actual fucking commences.

Mandy guides Rick through the motions & everything slides into place as planned. From the looks of it, Rick performs like a pro & takes commands just as well. He very well may have just paved his way into porn star heaven with his stand out performance.

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Mandy gives Eddie his Stunt Cock Tryout and Eddie blows his load

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Mandy gives Eddie head

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Mandy More and her Asian lover Eddie get totally intense in this ultra hot oral scene. Eager to try out the goods, Eddie dives right in to Mandy’s small tits, circling her nipple with his tongue as she slides her bra all the way off. Her panties follow suit quickly and Eddie gets down on his knees to bury his face in her toned ass. Turned on and needing more, Mandy lays back on the couch so Eddie can get wild with her hot wet pussy, making her moan and groan in absolute pleasure as he works her clit and slit with his tongue and fingers.

After she cums hard it’s Eddie’s turn for some loving and Mandy strips him down before sliding her expert mouth down the length of his cock, making him rock hard and ready for more. He gets so turned on he sucks on her tiny tits and fingers her some more until she goes right back down on his cock, getting on her knees to really work it hard.

Eddie’s grin says it all as Mandy’s spicy mouth makes him shoot his thick creamy load all over her pretty face and tits

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Blonde college girl has sex outdoors

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Blonde college girl has sex

Mandy, smoking dirty 24 years old blonde, always wanted to get penetrated outside. And luckily she had a boyfriend who decided to make her slutty dreams come true. He took her to his friend’s mansion, put her on the fence and took off her tight bikini.

Then he licked her shaved pink pussy for so long that it was all wet and ready for some humping. After that he stuck his rock hard dick in Mandy’s vagina and showed her how it feels if you get humped outdoors!

Lucky has his big audition with horny Mandy and gets a blowjob

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Mandy giving a great blowjob

Mandy has fun sucking his cock

Pornstar playing with his cock

Amateur and a hot porn star
Lucky is trying his luck today with Mandy. Lucky flew to this audition all the way from the Yukon, bound & determined to show mandy what a true mountain man is all about. Let’s see if he’s ready! Mandy struts her sexy ass in front of Lucky and begins with a strip tease from the heavens.

Once both individuals are naked, Mandy wraps her lips around Lucky’s very lucky cock, and he continues to hold firm. Mandy sucks and sucks, showing no mercy and even still Lucky holds very firm. A countdown has been placed & towards the end this mountain man does exactly what he’s asked. Lucky him!

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Mike Oxlong is ready for his tryout and gets a vigorous blowjob

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Mandy about to give head

Mandy giving a blowjob

Having fun with his cock

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What man can resist a blowjob? Especially when it’s sultry brunette babe Mandy More getting down on her knees to slide that tasty cock down her throat. In this ultra hot hi-def blowjob scene, petite Mandy More shows Mike Oxlong just why she’s known as a blowjob afficianado as she circles her tongue around the head of his cock and slides her mouth all the way down.

Seeing her head bobbing back and forth and hearing them both moaning to the rhythmic trance of her sucking skills is pure magic! She sucks him deep, and hard and squeezes his cock as she pumps it into her hungry mouth, eager to swallow every drop of pre-cum he can give her. Her voracious appetite for cock is truly intense when viewed in high definition as you get to enjoy every single lick and slurp she makes in graphic detail. No blowjob is complete without a super hot and creamy cumshot, and Mike Oxlong doesn’t disappoint when he shoots his sticky load all over Mandy’s sexy breasts.

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Great first tryout and now he gets to fuck Mandy hard

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Pussy licking

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Watch super hot brunette bombshell Mandy More flaunt her ultra hot supple and sexy body for Asian Eddie’s pleasure, stretching out her long luscious legs to show off those sexy leather red high-heeled boots. Eddie gets straight in on the action by suckling on Mandy’s juicy nipples, peeling her top down and getting her to lay back on the couch to eat her already sodden pussy, licking her clit and making her juices flow.

They strip totally naked and Mandy gets straight down on her knees to suck on Eddie’s tasty cock, squeezing it tight as she pumps it back and forth. The action gets more intense, and since it’s delivered in hi-def resolution you get to see every inch of their flesh as Mandy pumps her pussy up and down on Eddie’s cock, groaning with every thrust before turning around and facing the other way.

Eddie fucks her with everything he’s got until he shoots his full cum load all over her slutty wet pussy !

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Raymond meets Mandy for the first time and gets a killer blowjob

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

He shoots his load over her cute tits

First timer gets a killer blowjob

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Cock sucking porn star Mandy
Mandy is sitting on the couch in the beginning of this scene talking about the next guy that’s about to audition to be a porn star. She gets up and shows off her dress a little, shaking her sexy ass a bit and getting the camera crew all riled up. The camera crew tells her that the guy about to come might be a little cocky. He gave his name as Raymond Ram and as they talk about him there is a knock at the door and Mandy gets up to answer it. Raymond comes in and sits down on the couch looking like he’s ready to go. He keeps looking over at Mandy and you can tell he can’t wait to get started with her.

Raymond tells the crew that he wants to get into porn because of all the porn he watches, and then he tells them he’s a Libra so he isn’t too nervous. Well they don’t want to hear about it, they want to see it in action! So Mandy gets Raymond to sit beside her and she grabs one of her favorite dildos. She takes off her panties and pulls down her top revealing her tight pink pussy and sexy tits all in one smooth motion. As she sits there with her legs spread in front of Raymond, you can tell he’s getting anxious to get his cock sucked.

Before you know it, Mandy has his pants off and his cock is already rock hard from watching Mandy go at it by herself. He sits back and Mandy wraps her lips around his cock making him squirm for a full fifteen minutes before he can’t take it anymore and busts a huge load all over her tiny tits!

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Zane gets to audition with pornstar Mandy and gets a nice blowjob

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Mandy giving a nice blowjob

Mandy giving a nice blowjob

Mandy giving a nice blowjob

Amateur and a hot porn star
Zane has the face of a rock star & from the looks of things he has the cock of a porn star. Let’s see if he has all the required materials needed to complete this triple crown. As the rules are laid out Zane readies himself for the real life fantasy he is about to experience. Mandy changes some things up today and begins by masturbating with one of her favorite vibrating dildos.

This has been proven to drive gys wild, & once again it works! Zane’s impresively large manhood makes Mandy giggle with delight. Now not only Zane is hoping to pass this test, but Mandy is hoping he will too because she wants to fuck his huge cock! Mandy gives Zane a vigorous blow/hand job & he passes the test!

Mandy worked extra hard with Zane just to be sure he wouldn’t be a flop later on.
You could be next!

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Steve blows his load all over Mandy’s tits after a blowjob

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Amateur and a hot porn star

Mandy licks his cock head

Mandy sucking cock

Mandy gives a great blowjob
Cocked locked & ready for action is the impression Steve gives, which is always a welcome idea in porn. Steve has it all in terms of physical appearance, and the cock to match it all. Let’s see if he can hold his composure while Mandy sucks the skin off his slithering anaconda!

While Mandy goes to town on his slithering snake, the crew go over the fine details of what is expected of him, & the pressure is on. Mandy sucks & tugs & massages his balls all the while Steve held his load. Time is up! Steve gets the thumbs up and then blows his load. Way to go Steve, you’ve made it to the second audition!

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Lexxx proves he’s ready to fuck Mandy and cums on her

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

He cums a lot on her tits!

Mandy takes his cock out of his underwear

Amateur and a hot porn star

Porn star in black stockings about to get fucked
Lexxx came to this audition dressed to impress in his tiny little stripper outfit. It’s a good thing for Lexx that his stripper job already gave him some background with control over his advanced member. After the 2 compliment each other with a lap dance, the fun begins. Mandy & Lexxx participate in dual masturbation to prime each others gears.

After a little finger fucking & cock sucking, Lexx is given the nod of approval & prepares to let it go. Not only did Lexxx get a phenomenal blow job from Mandy, but now he gets to fuck her as promised. What more could a man want?

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Walley blows it with Mandy and can’t keep his dick hard

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Amateur and a hot porn star

Amateur and a hot porn star

Mandy trying to get his dick hard

Amateur and a hot porn star
Your 1st bad day is your last. That is the motto in the porn industry, & that is some advice given to Wally right off the bat. Wally brags about his 11" penis before it even makes it screen debut, so he has set the bar high for himself before he even starts. Wally feels the pressure as Mandy leaves the room to change into her super fly sexy stripper outfit.

Wally released the hounds! Low and behold it appears that Wally was not exaggerating all that much about the size of his advanced member & the crew was highly impressed with it’s size. BUT size doesn’t matter here, performance does. Once Wally put a condom on his 3rd arm, it retreats like a turtle in a shell. Wally tried several different tactics but to no avail, nothing worked. In the end it was a bust.

It seems for now, Wally will leave without his highly anticipated porn star gig.

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Big John gets a blowjob from a porn star

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Big John and a porn star

Big John and a porn star

Big John gets a blowjob from a porn star

Porn star playing with a dildo
Today’s guest is Big John . He has a big stature, blonde hair & a huge ego. He seems overly confident in his ability to get hard & he certainly came in for all of the wrong reasons. Let’s recap shall we. Big John is welcomed into the shoot & then briefed with all of the requirements. Right off the bat he inadvertently insults the star, Mandy, as well as the crew.

Once he begins to rub & tug on his cock, his cock grows in size, that’s when Mandy wraps her face around his meat whistle. This guy can’t seem to say anything right, so Mandy gives him one of the best blow jobs ever & counts down to see if he can hold it through the allotted time. Big John’s ego is blown & so is his load, he failed! He isn’t looking so big anymore now that his cock retreated into a rubbery meat sack. At that time John is quickly excused after a few remarks he made due to his inability to keep it packed.

There is actual skill involved in being a successful porn star & John obviously had none!

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Ryan gets his big pornstar tryout with Mandy

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Mandy blows his dick hard

Mandy jerks his cock

He toys her pussy with a dildo

Naked Mandy sucking hard on his cock
When you first meet Ryan he appears to be just shy of what you might expect a contestant to be, showing signs of nervousness. This raises the main question, does he really have what it takes to be the next pornstar. All men think they have it but once the cameras come out, another story is told. Mandy treats Ryan to a sensual lap dance, which arouses him, & is quickly followed by some lip loving.

At this point Ryans nerves have flown the coupe and he is well on his way. Mandy’s soft skin & hot lips make it next to impossible to hold firm but after the allotted time Ryan has passed! This just goes to show first impressions are in the eye of the beholder.

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