BW Pantyhose – Tera Patrick & Anastasia Pierce

Friday, January 12th, 2018

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X-Mas With Tera, Anastasia And Angela – Tera Patrick & Anastasia Pierce & Angela F

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Tera and her friends have a sexy Christmas Gift for you !

Pearce can’t get his dick hard even after a spanking from Mandy

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

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Pierce is a quite man with a serious fetish for bondage. Pierce knew the requirements for the interview, but came with his own undisclosed agenda. Pierce is not ashamed of his desire to submit, in fact that’s what he wants! He even went as far as to bring his own bag of goodies for Mandy to use on him. Mandy’s reaction to the newly presented little twist seemed positive so far. Right off the bat, Pierce stripped out of his regular clothes and into his kinky leather outfit & waited for Mandy to tell him what to do.

This is all new to Mandy so she is wondering how it all works for Pierce, but still plays along like a good sport. Pierce briefly goes over a couple devilish details & code words she can use on him Pierce’s reactions during a blow job clearly outlined his intentions during this interview. He is soley a slave & passive to any advances Mandy makes towards him. Pierces crazed idea that he could show this crew some new material failed miserably. Not only did Pierce come in with the wrong idea but he also failed to keep his cock solid.

After leading Mandy on, Pierce was then asked to leave. His name could very well be on this crews wall of shame. Sorry Pierce, you flopped like a fish out of water.

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