The Spunky Schoolgirl

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Spunky Schoolgirl

Alana’s still in her teens, but she’s just about as lustful as the next whore! Watch her take on an older guy’s meatstick between her perky little A-cups and whack him off hard until he blows his goo all over her chest. This frisky little kitty has a monstrous appetite for fucking, and she’s not at all shy about it!

Her love for tittyfucking all started when one of her girlfriends told her that using a guy’s cum as lotion can make a girl’s skin really smooth. And when her boyfriend accidentally chucked his splooge on her breasts after a wild screwing session, she discovered that what her friend told her was true! So from then on she always made it a point to rub her partner’s dong all over and between her boobies, and wait for him to jizz on them so she can rub the gunk right into her skin. One thing’s for sure: she’s saving a lot of money on expensive lotions and creams!

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Young Cutie Susie Facialized

Monday, August 24th, 2009


Susie Diamond has one of those bright dazzling smiles that warm the heart and harden the dick too. She’s also just plain nasty too when it comes to dick. No one I know has any problem with a gorgeous teen sucking cock like a seasoned pro, that’s just too hot to want to miss.

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