Teen model Nicol reveals her beautiful body and perfect pussy

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
Teen model Nicol getting undressed
Teen model Nicol playing with her pussy
Sometimes I think that women are like flowers, add water and they just seem to get hotter and hotter. Nipples get perky, t-shirts get wet, clothes usually come off before getting wet, or the worst case scenario they are wearing a skimpy little bathing suit…so you can see where my flower reference "stems" from (pardon the pun). Wearing a tight and skimpy, pink shirt and booty shorts, I couldn’t wait for teen model Nicol to get in the water.

And when the clothes got wet, they started to come off, revealing Nicol’s beautiful body and perfect pussy. However things got really heated when teen model Nicol showed off her cock-sucking skills on her toy, before sliding that spit soaked vibrator into her pussy. So if you didn’t get the flowers and girls connection before, I’m sure you do now! And when in doubt, just add water.

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Teen model Anna is a Work Of Art

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012
Beautiful naked teen model Anna
Beautiful naked teen model Anna
With all the beautiful women I have seen, there are only a handful of women that could actually do a softcore photo shoot where I still get extremely excited. Fortunately for me and for you, teen model Anna is one of those girls. In fact, fully clothed, this woman is just stunning.

But like everything at TeenModels.com, eventually the clothes have to come off, even if they don’t try to stuff their hand in their pussy. And when teen model Anna’s clothes being to fall, my jaw and almost my camera fell along with them. It’s truly amazing how hot and how perfect Anna’s body and skin really is…it’s flawless. Long beautiful legs, great juicy ass, perfect tits and a face to match.

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Teen model Alysson wearing a cute thong and furry socks

Friday, May 25th, 2012
teen model Alysson
teen model playing with her pussy
Alysson is another one of those girls I like to categorize as a "teen for life". The type of woman that has a body and face that never seems to get old. And although she may not have huge breasts, she more than makes up for it with that beautiful, juicy ass. All nestled up in bed, wearing a cute thong and furry socks, teen model Alysson grabs on to the bed frame, spreads her legs and pushes her ass out doggystyle for all to see…and what an ass it is.

With her pussy soaking wet and the glass dildo she just licked and sucked all lubed up, Alysson slides that big glass dildo into her tight pussy. I really need to put Hungary on the "places to visit" list.

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Teasing teen model Tea

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
Teasing teen model Tea
teen model Tea toying her pussy
Tea is another one of those girls that we seem to have a ton of content for, but you ask and we deliver…you want more Tea, we give you more Tea, pretty simple no? After seeing a title like Teasing Tea, I noticed that even the word Tease, starts with Tea and she knows how to do it better than most.

In this amazing Teen Models photo shoot, Tea shows us what she would do if that vibrator she was holding was your cock, and when it’s all nice and wet, the only natural place for it to go next is that beautiful little pussy. Even going doggystyle to show off that sweet ass.

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Teen model Aiden and her perfect little pussy

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Topless teen model
Naked teen model
In this hot teen model photo gallery we once again get a great look at the sexy and youthful teen model Aiden. Relaxing on a sun chair in short skirt and bikini top, the first thing I see an up skirt peek of Aiden’s panties and her cute feet. But as her hands start to wander, and her pussy gets moist, her clothes start to fall and the real fun begins.

Gaping her pussy wide open we get some amazing shots, INSIDE Aiden’s tight, pink pussy. But it’s when teen model Aiden produces a bottle of vitamins, that things really get interesting. Now I am all for being healthy and getting your vitamins, but I had no idea that it would include stuffing the whole bottle in your pussy…but what I can tell you is I like the idea.

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Busty teen model Claudie enjoys a ribbed dildo

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
Topless teen model
Teen model with ribbed dildo
The first thing you notice when looking at teen model Claudie is her pale complexion, long legs and BIG beautiful breasts. But after bending over to reveal her black panties, the only thing I could think about was seeing that beautiful pussy.

With her big natural breasts exposed, teen model Claudie spreads her legs wide open and with her fingers spreads her pussy lips for some amazing close-ups. But it’s when her purple ribbed dildo came out and Claudie began pounding her pussy deep and hard, even going doggystyle that things really got exciting.

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Teen model Rivera getting nasty with a orange soda

Saturday, March 31st, 2012
teen model Rivera
Teen model Rivera getting nasty with a orange soda
WoW, I wasn’t kidding when I said we don’t let up, and after watching Rose P and Regina dyking it out, I have to admit I was a little nervous, but when I saw teen model Rivera, I knew I was in good hands. Wearing sexy black and white summer dress with no panties (my fave) Rivera starts things off with some amazing upskirt photos of her sexy shaved pussy, before showing me one of the hottest "birthday suits" ever. Squatting down to reveal her pussy again, Rivera reaches for a HUGE bottle of orange soda.

But she wasn’t thirsty. Oh no…this bottle of soda was not for drinking, she had other plans for this bottle. As I watched in awe, as my dreams came to life right before my eyes, teen model Rivera grabs the bottle and begins to ride it. Of course it can’t fit in her tight little pussy, but that does not stop her from trying, and TeenModels was there to get it all. This is definitely one update you do not want to miss!!

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Teen model Sabrina posing on a skyscraper

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
teen model Sabrina
Teen model Sabrina posing on a skyscraper
Today’s shoot brought us to the balcony of a top floor penthouse with a beautiful view. But there was no better view than the view I had from the camera lens that just so happened to be pointing at teen model Sabrina. Dressed up in a pair of tight yellow pants with no panties, I was counting down the seconds until I got a glimpse of that rock hard ass. A little small in the chest area, but that sweet, sweet ass, more than made up for it.

And if Sabrina’s sweet ass wasn’t enough, I’m sure pee pee lovers would disagree when they see a smoking hot, tight assed blonde, squatting on the balcony of a high rise building and taking a piss. From Zafira to Sabrina, teen models has the hottest teens pissing you will ever see!

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Gorgeous blonde teen model Adriana

Monday, May 9th, 2011
Blonde teen model Adriana
Teen model Adriana
Remembering those big beautiful tits and her gorgeous legs, I must admit I was very excited to see teen model Adriana in a solo scene. This is where you get to see just how naughty one can get. Although I’d have to admit that seeing Adriana with another girl is always going to be hotter, it’s a little easier to get excited when you have another hottie touching you.

When you’re alone, you have to dive deep into your dark side. The side that comes out when you’re at home alone, feeling frisky and the fingers start to wander and the toys come out. Unfortunately, Adriana didn’t bring her toys this time around, but damn she is sexy.

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