Extreme thong string sucked deep into ass

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Extreme thong string sucked deep into ass

The mini micro thong is one of the smallest thongs out there. Not too many thong chicks can pull off wearing one of these. They are about 1 inch wide at the top and taper down to a spaghetti string. When a chick bends over and gives you a super ass shot while wearing a mini micro you are guaranteed to view a little more than you bargained for. I’m talking extreme folks! The most explicit thongs out there!

alicias was a faultless babe to wear one of these mini micros. She had an butt to die for, Hard and rock hard and the thong made it look like a million dollars. She looked so choice affixed out on the beach. Looked like something out of a sports illustrated magazine. If you love tiny thongs and smooth rump then this is the site for you. Tons of hot thong babes.

Now most models I date will get down and dirty. alicias was a little more shy that most of my models. Nevertheless we managed to take some hot mind altering thong pics. Trust me, if you love the thong then you will love these pics.

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Extreme micro bikini thong Asian babe Tracy

Friday, August 17th, 2018

Extreme micro bikini thong Asian babe Tracy

This was my second thong assignment I did with Tracy and it was better than the first one. The second one is always better because both parties are more familiar with each other and know what to expect and what is expected of them. I usually get much better and more xrated and extreme thong shots the second time around.

This was no exception. She was surely off the hook for this thong shoot. I got all kinds of choice angles! Plenty of super defectless bent over backside shots with her thong pulled up topnotch and tight making a stupendous cameltoe. Tons of front shots with her legs spread and topless undraping her spiffy and small A-Cup breasts. It just doesn’t get any better than this thong extravaganza!

Eventually I had to wrap up this appointment so I had her put on another one string thong and run her through the same routine of x-rated ass angles and what not. After a while all this becomes second nature and you become just like an artist painting a canvas, except the honey is your canvas and your thongs and camera are your paint.

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Long lean small breasted micro thong girl spreads the pink!

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Long lean small breasted micro thong girl topless

Layla had a body like a Gazelle. Long lean fast and streamlined. A adept combination to wear a micro thong at the beach. She was hot as hell and loved the way the micro almost covered up her snapper and just left a little bit of her coochie lips showing on the side. Today chicks like to live on the wild side and Layla was no exception!

As usual I start off the shoot with them wearing both the tops and bottoms of their thong bikini. Then my goal is to get them fully bare and spread eagle. Not all the girls will go that far. That’s where these little thongs come in handy. As long as they have something on they don’t feel like they are fully nude.

Nevertheless Layla was a freaky bitch so she gave me all kinds of raunchy thong shots. She pulled it up deep in her snapper, made raunchy cameltoes, flipped over and spread her bottom cheeks and pulled the thong aside far enough to expose her little brown eye and her smooth bald coochie that was glowing a bright read from the excitement.

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Extreme micro thong girl with big fleshy labia

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

So Lexi was a real cool beach babe who loved to chill out on the beach and drink Margarita’s in the sun after rubbing her self down with a plus smelling coconut suntan oil. Her body was super and compact and was designed for comfort and endurance. When Lexi bends over and that thong string sucks in deep inside her snatch and pulls tightly across her ass crinckles you are gonna wish you were standing right behind her with both your hands wrapped around her bum!

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Two horny thong girls on one secluded beach

Friday, July 27th, 2018

Two horny thong girls on one secluded beach

It was a good and bright sunny day when I took Summer and Barbie down to the cliff side beach for their assignment . They were both very excited that I set this gig up for them. They had only met on one other occasion when I was screening them for their solo shoots. (Their other shoots are in the also!) Anyways, I could tell that they sort of hit it off as they were chatting it up pretty nice while chillaxing on my pool deck overlooking the ocean and having a few Margaritas! So a few days later I called each of them up and asked if they would be interested in doing a shoot with each other. They were both agreed and were very exited and eager to do it.

So here we are. Me, my gear, and two of the hottest fuckin pieces of bum in the smallest micro thong bikinis you ever directed your eyes on! These babes were smoking hot. Between the two of them you had the most magnificent of both worlds. So alike yet so different. I was in the twilight zone imagining all the different things you could do and all the different places you could lick or even just support out in licking, if they needed relief, if you know what I mean 🙂 Blah, blah, blah, so anyways back to reality and this shoot.

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Extreme hairy cameltoe micro thong girl

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Hot micro thong girl

Now at first you might be a little shocked when you admire this hot bikini honey. Tina was one of those thong babes that liked to let her bush grow out of control. Like I said it’s a bit shocking seeing all tht hair down the. Chiefly when you are used to a perfecto clean shave smooth cooter.

Tina was a natural at posing for the camera though. She looked very dazzling in this teeny tiny thong bikini. I like a honey with a lot of self confidence and that’s what it takes to pull of something of this grandeur! She looked so sexy when I had her sit down on the towel and spread her legs real wide and pull the thong string deep up into her hairy vagina.

Afterwards I had her flip over and get on her hands and knees and told her to spread her knees as far apart as she could. This way you can really get a perfecto close up admire of her hairy snatch and even a glimpse of that exquisite little butt hole peeking out through the hairs.

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Hot black beach babe posing in her yellow micro thong bikini

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Hot black beach babe posing in her yellow micro thong bikini

Black babes and thongs go together like Gray Poupon and a Rolls Royce. Erika was one of those fine bottom black thong girl that knew how to get her groove on. She was foxy as fuck all and really knew how to move. She was doing stripper lap dances on the beach. Moving and gyrating all around in her micro thong bikini. At first I thought she was after my cheddar but it was clear that this was a thong freak and was after her time in the spotlight.

Now I photograph a lot of fine girls but this biatch was hotter that hot, this black girl was smokin! I had the R&B blastin on my jam box and just let her do her thing for a choice fifteen minutes. She moved in places that I didn’t even know had mobility!

She tried on several of these tiny micro thongs. I started her off in a standard micro thong and then switched her into another admire through mesh micro thong bikini. For the grand finale I had her put on a peek-a-boo slingshot one piece thong. These are so fuckin sexy their ought to be a law against them. Oh wait there is 🙂

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Big pussy Latina in a tiny little thong

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Big pussy Latina in a tiny little thong

Salma is another one of our bent over poser queens who loves to let the thong ride deep in her pussy and stretched tight across her butt spokes. She had an rump to die for mainly when she was bent over spreading it apart like a pro! No holes barred thong string buried to the hilt vagina action!

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Nasty thong girl spreads her pussy wide open by the pool

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Nasty thong girl

Dawna was one of the naughtiest babes we have ever photographed or filmed for BeachModel.Com She was constantly spreading her bottom for the camera and playing with her solid tits and puffy nipples! She had the milkiest soft skin and the pinkest vagina lips you ever did see. I loved it when she was bent over and spread her backside while I zoomed in to get some exquisite close-ups for you guys.

You could tell she was right at home being such a naughty little Bikini Slut and it was quite clear that she had done this before. When she rolled over on her side and spread her legs to reveal her tiny pink asshole I approximately lost it! It was hard for me to keep from getting a boner as I watched her pussy start to get moist.

I decided that I could take no more so I switched her into a new position in order to get a good view of her awesome spread meat flaps that were glowing the brightest pink radiance you ever did see. Dawna’s full length video and high resolution pictures inside the members area will blow your mind and fill your screen with superb detail!

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Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Extreme bikini thong cameltoe girl blonde

Brittany never planned on shooting for this site, she is just a standard sweetie that ran into me and Layla when we were doing her shoot. I think she liked watching as much as the guys and she was already wearing that tiny pink thong when she showed up walking down the shoreline.

After a few moments I took a break and went over to talk to her where she was hanging out by my boat. You could tell she was your typical attention craved babe that was out for a perfecto time and party with the other girl that I was doing the session with. She asked if I would take some nasty bikini pics of her. That was like music to my ears!

So I set her to show me what she’s got. At first she was moving so fast. It was making it hard for my fingers to grip that ass. I like it like that. Work that back. Slow motion for me, slow motion for me baby! That was all it took for her to slow down a bit bend over and spread them legs and let me zero in on that thong laden crotch. The most magnificent part was when she pulled that thong right up in that vagina and nekid them big fat snapper lips on each side!

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Nice bent over juicy thick ass thong girl

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Nice bent over juicy thick ass thong girl

The mini micro thong is one of the smallest thongs out there. Not too many thong chicks can pull off wearing one of these. They are about 1 inch wide at the top and taper down to a spaghetti string. When a model bends over and gives you a nice backside shot while wearing a mini micro you are guaranteed to admire a little more than you bargained for. I’m talking extreme folks! The most x-rated thongs out there!

Alicia was a perfect babe to wear one of these mini micros. She had an ass to die for, Hard and impervious and the thong made it look like a million dollars. She looked so perfecto pointed out on the beach. Looked like something out of a sports illustrated magazine. If you love tiny thongs and smooth rear then this is the site for you. Tons of hot thong babes.

Now most girls I shoot will get down and dirty. Alicia was a little more shy that most of my models. Nevertheless we managed to take some hot mind altering thong pics. Trust me, if you love the thong then you will love these pics.

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Hot and hard body thong girl

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Desireelyn had a body that was as firm and lean as you can get without being too much. She was in shape to the max and the thong she had cut the undressed minimum in coverage. That’s what is so groovy about micro thongs. Showing a lot but still not showing it all.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some of these micros show basically everything. Mainly the mini micro and the peek a boo thong. The mini micro sucks in deep up inside their coochies. It’s sort of good because when the babes pull them out you can view that the material has moistened up quite a bit from being so far deep inside their snapper, combined with the fact that most of these girls are exhibitionists and doing this sort of session on the beach in front of men naturally will get them exited and wet like this.

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Hot beach thong girl with nipples as hard as pencil erasers

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Hot beach thong girl with nipples as hard as pencil erasers

Jenny is her name and hard eraser sized nipples is her game! It was another almost chill and windy day at the secluded beach where I like to rendezvous at. Jenny looked so hot that day in her Thong Bikini with her long legs that went all the way to her bottom! Speaking of which, her rump, was as hard as a rock! You could of bounced a quarter off it!

The rest of her body was hot as hell too! Chiefly her eyes. She had very fat eyes. They would roughly mesmerize you when she acknowledged you wit them. She defiantly was a hot babe and I was happy as hell to take Nude Pictures of her for my site.

We took a lot pf backside shots for some reason, hehehe! She loved it. She would bend over on her hands and knees and look back at me over her shoulder with those sexy eyes and just smile. I wonder sometimes if these thong bikini models love to tease us like this. This one was a real tease. You could view the edges of her coochie lips hanging out on the side when she bent over. Her thong would tighten up sparsely when she did this and you would get a glimpse of a culminating cameltoe!

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Hollie: Cute blond sassy hottie in a micro thong bikini

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Cute blond sassy hottie in a micro thong bikini

Hollie is a combination of angelic blond and sassy hottie. She was a little embarrassed when she first put on her turquoise micro thong bikini at my beach house and saw how unveiling it is. I reassured her that the girls set the pace for all of my photo shoots and that she could do as little or as much as she felt comfortable with…I just wanted to be around to catch what ever the amount was on film! After a few minutes of warm-up shots standing in the sun next to the waves, Hollie perched on the beach rocks and began to relax. She spread her legs as far apart as she could get them and showed me how nicely she fills out her thong, divulging her puffy cameltoe lips popping our from behind the edges of the silky fabric.

I was pleasantly surprised when Hollie slowly reached up, and one by one, pulled the triangles of her micro bikini top to the sides of her small natural jugs and began massaging her fully displayed perky ripe nipples. Then she started laughing and rolling around in the edge of the waves, getting herself all wet and me throbbing hard. I was snapping picture of titties and snapper lips flashing everywhere! As you can admire in the gratis photo of Hollie pulling aside her micro thong and arching her crotch into the camera lens, her fully bare smooth snatch gazes exactly like a culminating Georgia peach; juicy, ripe, and ready to eat!

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Hot Asian thong ass bent over and in your face!

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Hot Asian thong ass bent over and in your face!

In this set Tracy is wearing a one string thong bikini that is about the most extreme and x-rated thong bikini on the face of the earth. I love the one string thong because most of the time that string slips into position right up the middle of the models crotch and nestle right in between her coochie lips. This is so hot!

Eventually after a while of this it can start to turn the sweetie on almost and you will encompass them start to get a little moist and engorged down there. This is also dam hot! Sometimes while doing these types of extreme thong shoots it’s not uncommon to have to ask the honey to go for a quick swim to sweet down a little.

Finally we finished with the one string thong and decided to call it a day. We had taken a few hundred thong pictures and that was enough thongs rear vagina and boobs for one day! I ended up shooting Tracy 3 or 4 times over the period of a month or so. I can’t wait to rendezvous her again.

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Spread eagle micro thong girl exposes her pink pussy and small titties

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Spread eagle micro thong girl exposes her small titties

Paris was so into posing for the camera in her thong it really shows in her pictures. She was a natural and had the adept body to show off in these thongs. Exquisite and thin with a super backside and medium sized breasts. A body built for speed and endurance. Like a dazzling Italian Ferrari. The culminating Micro Thong girl.

She had no qualms about showing her jugs or even her yummy bald pussy. I had to take it slow though because she was too fine to let it all happen at once. The key to shooting thong babes, remarkably these micro thongs, is to take it slow. Let the sweetie sort of pull on it up tight against their vulva so we can notice the outlines of their coochie through the very thin fabric.

I had her get in all kinds of nasty revealing positions while wearing one of the smallest micro thongs you will ever see. When she sat down and spread her legs and pulled that thong up tight in the front, it sort of folded up and sunk deep into her coochie and her lips just covered it up. You could tell that her snapper was getting all red from the excitement of toying with these skimpy thongs and the way they rubbed against her pussy and butt hole.

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Perfect bent over thong camel toe

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

Perfect thong camel toe

Ash had an incredible body built like a brick shit house. She was just the right size and looked as if she could literally fuck your brains out. There is no way the average man could keep up with this thong chick.

Her coochie mound was so choice and plump it looked as if it had never been fucked before. At Least not by someone with a real cock. Her outer pussy lips were good and plump and the front of her thong sort of buried itself down in her pussy very nicely. It was one hell of an extreme moose knuckle that is for sure.

Ash’s tatas were very choice indeed as well. The seemed to be impervious and there was not much jiggle wiggle action. I like that. This thong girl was a real hard body! We took our time filming her and this is some of the best thong crotch cameltoe action you will ever see. You have to download this full length video.

This footage is so close and in your face you can hardly taste it!
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