Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Big juicy ass and her pussy crotch swallows up her whole thong!

Veronika had a good thick fanny with meaty vagina lips. She was a bad babe too. You know, the kind that like to do naughty things and is not afraid to get caught. It was a bit chilly this day but she was a sport and really put on a show since we were in a fairly desolate part of the nekid beach.

At first we just did a hundred or so pictures of her with the top and bottoms of her thong bikini on. She was wearing a real small notice through mesh white micro thong. A g-string style one with a small string and it didn’t cover much. When she bent over the whole thong strap would suck up into her labia lips. Did I mention she had a perfecto fat fat vagina? God I love that!

We then proceeded to do some topless beach photos, so I asked her to remove her bikini top and let those puppies breath. She looked stimulating topless swimming and laying on the beach. I could have chilled out there all day, but I still had to get some nekid shots of her. I had her get down near the edge of the water so when she was laying there stripped on the beach the waves would wash up and splash on her ass and pussy. She said it made her all tingly!

The nakid pictures of her bending over with her legs spread are awesome!

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