Taking care on hard dick

January 16th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Taking care on hard cock

Blond girl Naomi Cruise is a total cock tease and she’ll do just about anything she can to get her lips wrapped around a fat dick. It doesn’t matter to her who she gets down and dirty with and she’ll open her mouth to just about any hard cock that comes her way.

When her teacher called her to let her know he was dropping by, Naomi couldn’t contain her excitement and she ran in to the closet to put on her cutest bra and panty set as well as her shortest denim shirt and a tight white shirt. When her teacher arrived it was obvious that he had no intention other than dropping off her keys but when Naomi accidentally brushed against his cock as she squeezed past him in the hallway he felt his fat cock start to get hard.

Naomi sat down on the sofa spreading her legs to flash her panties and not minutes later her teacher found himself with his massive throbbing cock in her tight grip with her warm wet lips massaging his shaft. Her teacher feels great while she is taking care of his penis, moments later she gets what she a wants. A man’s creamy loads spreading all over her pretty face.


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