Taylor Takes Two Huge Sausages At Once

November 20th, 2018 | by Red Hot |

Crazy DP

Taylor has always been something of a party girl and when she met up with two dudes at her girlfriends party she just felt something click. The three of them had spent all night flirting and joking and Taylor just couldn’t hlep herself from inviting them back to her place for a little fun. As it happened they were all too drunk and once they got back to Taylor’s place they all passed out right there on the bed. You better bet that first thing in the morning though that Taylor was waking those dudes up by shaking her plump ass in her tiny thong!

That was al it took for the studs sausages to get rock solid and Taylor dived right on top of one of them while sticking her ass up in the air. The other dude just couldn’t resist her ass as she stuck it up in the air and he slid his huge dick deep in to her tight dark hole. Taylor didn’t even flinch, she just moaned and leaned forward driving that sausage deeper in to her throat. Soon though Taylor wanted to feel two cocks in her holes and she told her other fuck buddy to pound her snatch!

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