Teen model Lucy Belle loves a big long hose

December 9th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Lucy Belle topless
Lucy Belle naked outdoors
Now if gardeners or landscapers looked as good as Lucy Belle, I would hire a few of them!! Now the fact that I don’t own a house may be an issue but I’m sure I can buy some plants or something they can take care of..and maybe ill keep all the plants in my room, all around my bed…yeah I’m getting carried away again.

But can you blame me? I mean look at that doll in that short little skirt you wished every hot girl would wear with no panties on so that we could get ass, pussy or g-string flashes all day long. I would have to think the world would be a happier place!! Especially when that same gardener just happens to bring a dildo along with her.

After handling that BIG, LONG hose, what girl wouldn’t get frisky no? Thankfully for me, and you, Lucy Belle did and what ensued was a very hot solo masturbation session. With the dildo in her ass and the clit stimulator turned around to tickle her asshole, this is one hot photo set you do not want to miss.

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