The best thong booty this side of the Mississippi!

June 21st, 2013 | by Red Hot |

The best thong booty this side of the Mississippi!

This I believe was Alicia’s second photo date with me on the beach. She is wearing a black micro thong and it is looking sexy as hell as it accentuates her backside to no end. these types of thongs are very unveiling and leave little to the imagination. The only thing you have to wonder about is the choice stuff. Let’s all bow our heads now and prey to the thong gods and thank him for sexy thongs like this!

Since this was our second bikini rendezvous Alicia was a bit more relaxed. The first time modeling one of these little micro thongs can be a bit intimidating at first. Once the models get comfortable with you it is not so bad and you can really get some perfecto thong picture and angles.

Thong photography is all about getting the right angle on the right model. Playing off her plusses and minuses and coming up with the most jamup plan of attack. Some girls have better rear pic straight on and some make better backside image when they are down on all fours with their legs spread as far apart as they can get them so I am able to zoom in and get the x-rated thong angles that true thong lovers designate!

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