Tight Latina Adriana Vega and her car problems

May 12th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

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We were just walking down the sidewalk when we saw this smoking hot Latina standing in front of her car with the hood popped up. It was pretty obvious that she was having problems and since she looked amazing in a short skirt, we went over to help her out. We took a look under the hood, but neither of us could figure out what was wrong with it. However, we were more than willing to give Adriana Vega a ride to where she was going.

Check out these hardcore pictures and see what happened after we arrived at her house. She invited us in and things started to get really interesting. She wanted to thank us for the ride home and the next thing you know, she’s stripping out of her clothes, showing us her tight Latina body. And you can bet that she did a lot more than just pose nude for us!

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