Two female warriors

November 25th, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Hardcore toon porn

Two female fighters were having a dual. One of the hotties fighting style was weak and pathetic, but she wasn’t done yet. As they continued to fight, the supposedly weak fighter bound her opponent with rope, leaving her helpless and defenceless. It was at that point that she usually would whip her bound victim. This time, she decided to use her victim in a different way.

The woman fighter was tired of being unsatisfied sexually and has had no luck in finding a man that would let her perform nasty sexual deeds to them, this time she was going to get what she craved! She told the girl not to worry; she was going to bring joy instead of pain.

She started with a turned on kiss, and then slowly moving down to her bazooka like nipples. She sucked and licked her opponent’s nipples and then worked her way down to the dripping peak pussy that her female fighter had waiting for her mouth!

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