June 26th, 2018 | by Red Hot |
Veronika Fasterova topless
Veronika Fasterova naked
Just as I start to wonder why we are shooting Veronika Fasterova again, she walks in and reminds me. Does this chick ever not look amazing? What is it about her that captivates everyone who sees her? Is it the fact that she has never strayed from her softcore style shoots and we are all waiting for the day that she breaks and pounds herself with a huge dildo, or is she just that effen hot?

My guess is it’s a little bit of both, but seeing this girls standing in front of you, knowing she is about to take her clothes off when she looks just as good with her clothes on is something special. We had a great location for this shoot so naming it "Vintage" was perfect. My only wish was that this was some isolated cabin where just the two of us were snowed in with little chance to survive and we would have to keep each other warm as well as other things.

Ok so maybe I took it a little too far, but what a way to go. Check out the beautiful Veronika Fasterova in this exclusive.


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