Walley blows it with Mandy and can’t keep his dick hard

May 16th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Amateur and a hot porn star

Amateur and a hot porn star

Mandy trying to get his dick hard

Amateur and a hot porn star
Your 1st bad day is your last. That is the motto in the porn industry, & that is some advice given to Wally right off the bat. Wally brags about his 11" penis before it even makes it screen debut, so he has set the bar high for himself before he even starts. Wally feels the pressure as Mandy leaves the room to change into her super fly sexy stripper outfit.

Wally released the hounds! Low and behold it appears that Wally was not exaggerating all that much about the size of his advanced member & the crew was highly impressed with it’s size. BUT size doesn’t matter here, performance does. Once Wally put a condom on his 3rd arm, it retreats like a turtle in a shell. Wally tried several different tactics but to no avail, nothing worked. In the end it was a bust.

It seems for now, Wally will leave without his highly anticipated porn star gig.

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