Wife with Wife Vol. 1

December 17th, 2017 | by Red Hot |
Hardcore toon porn fucking

Koutaro is the manager and the owner of Sakura Market. He took over this business after his father passed away. Sakura Market is a nice independent supermarket, however, is in jeopardy of being married over by a large supermarket corporation, Kaneyu. The ironic scenario is that the take over act is being masterminded by Koutaro¬Āfs true brother, Taiyo!

Koutaro fights bazooka like to protect his father’s supermarket, his step sister Nagisa, and his mom. What extreme measures will Koutaro take to protect the things that are dear to him? Why has Taiyo betrayed the family? Enjoy Wife with Wife, the animation for all you MILF lovers!

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