X-rated big Asian butt pounding

May 27th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Big Asian butt pounding

Asian babe seems innocent, but when Asian works her magic on big curvy penis, you won’t have any doubt about her truly naughty nature. Be careful, because you’re likely to fall under this cutie’s sexual spell.

I met her in the club. She was dancing alone then I dance with her and had a little chatting in the bar. After the party I invite her to come on over at my place. She agree on my invitation and we headed back into my apartment. She was a little drunk and sit in the couch. I really want to fuck her the moment I saw her undies. I wasted no time and grab her hand and I place it on my dick.

My penis needs attention that time so she was the one that can take care of it. Soon she suck my cock and took all of it inside her mouth. The fun doesn’t stop there I raise up high her legs and shoved my penis into her tight Asian butt and lover that was really tight. I blew my cumload inside her tight butt.

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