Young blonde in her tear drop extreme micro bikini showing off

June 24th, 2012 | by Red Hot |

Young blonde in her tear drop extreme micro bikini showing off

When Tashia first sent me her complimentary pictures for consideration, I basically fell on the floor. She has the classic California Blonde Surfer Sweetie look that all thong bikini worshipers long to see. She is young, blonde, and has a killer bikini body with super perfectly shaped B cup titties and beautiful little dimples on her cheeks.

I had to make a special trip out to California to rendezvous Tashia. Then she had to cancel our first date date due to a sudden movie casting call she had to do. I stayed an extra day just to shoot her and it was actually worth the wait. I spotted her a mile away as she pulled into Santa Monica at the beach where I was waiting. Her stupendous blonde hair was flowing in the wind as she pulled in in her baby blue convertible. What a site to view as she waved and then got out of her car. I could just tell that this was going to be a yummy shoot. She was hot, yummy, and had a stupendous personality and attitude. What Smokin Hot Boobs & Rear, oh my.

Even though we had discussed how small these bikini really are, she was shocked when she saw them in person. She showed me her well trimmed vagina and said that she should have shaved more. I secure her that it would be hot just the way it was. Her substantially trimmed pubic hair showing on each side of the Tiny Micro Bikini Bottoms was awesome. She was a little bit shy and we started to draw a crowd of horny guys as the date progressed. We could not get too wild and crazy because it was a public beach and now the verve guards drove over and were watching too. Her soft round tatas slipped out of the tiny tops a few times as she ran and played on the silky sand, but she was quick to harness those babies back in shortly so we would not be arrested.

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